Nothing happens: The series


One day, a child gets lost in the middle of a large, magical zoo filled with animal-girls called “Friends.” She meets Serval, one Friend who is eager to help her out of her predicament. The two spend most of the episode finding their way out of the savannah area and avoiding mysterious enemies called “Ceruleans.”

What’s with giving the order, family, and genus??? The audience for this series can’t possibly be older than 5???

These are the enemies in the show I guess

My Opinion:

I didn’t know much about this anime from the summary, but watching five minutes of this show made me realize that his is actually some sort of kids educational program. The way the characters talk, the simplistic plot, the slow-paced action, and how little danger anyone is ever in–it’s pretty obvious this was aimed at a younger audience. At Moeronpan, we usually don’t review kids shows for a reason, but having reviewed Yokai Watch (and having sat through 20 minutes of this anime) I might as well. So here goes.

Let me first put up a large disclaimer in that I obviously am not the target audience for this anime. That said, I’m not really sure if kids would be really interested in a series as slow-paced as this. I an unabashed to say that I have watched through many seasons of Precure; but even in a series like that, stuff happened. Here it’s just… nearly 20 minutes of nothingness. There’s not even any attempt of humor or any attempt to be fun. It was just “Serval and a human child walked through some backgrounds and I guess attempted to be educational or something.”

The animation in this show is attempting the 2.5D angle. I don’t really mind that style so much–if it’s done well. Etotama pulled it off pretty well, as do some of the Precure seasons. But here, it’s kind of obvious that this anime is a low-budget title. The way the characters move is really stiff and awkward and jerky. But… at least the backgrounds look pretty nice? Maybe this is why there’s not so many action scenes…

Overall, this is… not a very good show. I would say that it fails to be entertaining for its target audience as well. Kids may be easily entertained but even as a kid I knew which shows were good and which shows were just phoning it in. Why is Precure so popular? Because it has nice animation (…for the most part) and engaging storylines. Why is Yokai Watch so popular? Because it’s genuinely funny. Animation companies need to stop thinking that kids will watch anything that’s put on T.V. for them. Kids are not that dumb.

Out of five:

precure heart2

I was hoping the child would turn out to be gender neutral but alas that is not the case. (The kid turns out to be a girl)