anyone else feel like skittles now

anyone else feel like skittles now

Marginal #4 is a new idol unit made up of the soft-spoken leader R, his twin brother L (seriously?), the hot-headed Atom and the…one with blue hair, Rui, the only one who isn’t a newbie. Apparently he used to be in a different unit before but joined Marginal #4, although this is apparently a very sore subject for him and he doesn’t want anyone to bring it up.

Otherwise these boys…are an idol group, they do idol things, they get excited about getting to do these idol things, and just in case that was all too exciting the entire rest of the episode is about them at school trying to decide what they should make a school club for. It’s another balls-to-the-wall thrill-fest from the boy idol show machine, enough said really.

At least the boys are kinda cute??

at least Rui kind of looks like Kaito, which is enough for me to like him just a little.

Man I sure do have a hard time scrounging up things to say about this show, because that synopsis just about sums it up.

It wasn’t quite as bad or as boring as the previous idol things I’ve had to review like Tsukiuta, although it still does the awkward motion capture thing that every idol thing does. The songs are unbelievably cheesy and the boys are always saying stupid things like ‘SEND OUR KISSES TO THE END OF THE GALAXY’ and every second character talks about how they are sparkling like stars. Multiple times. Anyway it was kind of nice to see 3/4 of the idol unit being so excited about everything (ie getting an encore, getting to ride in a convertible, etc). But their excitement just…doesn’t really transfer to the viewer unfortunately. And everything they do just drags on and on. I cannot believe how long the ‘hey what should me make our club be about?!” segment was, not to mention how utterly pointless it is. They at first raise the idea of a ‘delivery club’, and then scrap it, and then come up a with a never-ending list of stupid ideas, and spend a really long time trying to decide between all the ideas they have….and then end up on delivery club anyway. Which is honestly a stupid idea for a club in the first place (they’re gonna…deliver stuff to other clubs? why.)

There’s potential for more interesting things in this show like Rui’s reluctance to talk about his previous idol unit and the weirdly sinister way the more senior idol groups are framed, but this episode was more interested in making the boys act like 10 year olds and have very long boring conversations with eachother that reveal their singular character traits so that we’d squeal over how kyoot they are or whatever. It’s decently animated and looks nice and shiny, so if for whatever reason you never get sick of these colour-coded idol boy shows then you could definitely do worse than this one. If you’re anyone else, you probably wouldn’t even be trying it.

but one last thing. What in the seven hells is that title? Why isn’t it just called Marginal #4? Seriously.

taste the rainbow

taste the rainbow

Out of 5,