ClassicaLoid Episodes 12, 13, and 14

One gigantic review post for the episodes of ClassicaLoid that I missed while on hiatus. There are massive SPOILERS here.

Mozart: I want to become an idol so I can say bad words in public!

Episode 12 Summary:

Beethes and Motes are recruited by the Arkhe Corp to be a musician and an idol respectively. Meanwhile, Bach personally scopes out the Kanae’s mansion.

Beethes and Motes soon find that the musician/idol life is too stifling for their desires, so they wreck the place with their Musik in frustration. Fortunately, Bach returns to the tower and puts a stop to their tantrum with his own Musik.

Having been defeated for the first time, Beeths and Motes retreat back to the mansion with the goal of becoming better Musik users.

So Bach in this universe is essentially Elvis.

My Opinion:

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t an episode I liked. While this episode was definitely necessary for plot reasons, it just wasn’t that fun to watch. Beethes and Motes are basically unwatchable to me when they’re acting like children throwing tantrums—and that’s essentially what happened here. That said, Bach is a really nice contrast to Beethes and Motes. Beethes and Motes are basically what music would be like if it was left to roam free and was unrestrained by rules. However, there needs to be some rules and sense of harmony for music to be truly great—otherwise it’s basically just a cacophony of noises. This is what Bach represents. Although he at first seems to represent the complete opposite of Beethes’ and Motes’ Musik styles, I think he comes closer to representing the balance between “free” music and music that is restrained by rules… if that even makes any sense. Anyway, Bach is definitely a master of Musik, as shown off by how easily he beat Beethes and Motes; two of the stronger Classicaloids in the series.

I really like that Bach finally gets the spotlight in this episode. He was sorely in need of some character development since all we’ve seen of him before this episode was “that man who only speaks in musical terms.” Apparently he is also trying to bring all the Classicaloids to their “full potential.” I have to wonder if Bach himself has already reached his “full potential” or not?

Anyway, this was alright as a plot-heavy episode; but not terribly entertaining (imo). At least this will hopefully motivate Beethes and Motes to actually train themselves to have some self-control? Let’s hope so.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Episode 13 Summary:

Sousuke may be a fool but he’s probably the nicest person at the mansion, let’s be real here.

Schubert turns into a fish.

Nothing can ever convey to you how hilarious it is to see a fish wielding Musik.

My Opinion:

I’d love to elaborate more in the summary, but that’s really what happened in the episode. Schubert accidentally activates his Musik and… turns into a fish. And then he turns everyone else into a fish as well.

I was initially feeling kind of “ehhhhh” about this episode, because I really wanted Schubert to have some more character development. But instead we get another bizarre episode with long-winded monologues. Thankfully, the second half of the episode (when Beethes gets turned into a fish as well) was much more amusing. I love how everyone at the mansion has seen enough weird crap that they don’t even question how a fish can magically summon a mecha and instead just worry about trying to fight it.

I guess this was a good breather episode after that semi-serious one last time, but I’m still kinda disappointed that this is what we got. Let’s hope the next episode is better.

Out of five, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2

Episode 13 Summary:

Tchiako is RAGE personified.

Tchaiko and Bąda get into a fight and split up. Tchaiko crashes at the mansion for a bit, while Kanae somehow gets recruited to be Tchaiko’s replacement for Bąda.

The mansion begins to fall apart without Kanae there to supervise everyone, while Kanae struggles to become an idol on equal standing with Bąda. When the fated day comes for her debut, Sousuke and the rest of the gang pumps everyone up for Kanae’s first idol appearance. Instead of making her happy (like they expected), this just scares Kanae and she’s unable to step on stage to perform. Thus, Bąda takes things into her own hands and activates her Musik—the only work that she was known for, “A Maiden’s Prayer.”

Tchaiko attempts to make amends with Bąda, but Bąda refuses Tchaiko’s apology. As she will only ever be known as a “one-hit wonder,” Bąda decides to use her “one hit” to the fullest, thus showing off that her Musik powers are actually incredibly strong. The episode ends on a cliffhanger of sorts.

“She’s in old man mode.”

My Opinion:

I really like this episode, because Bąda finally got some much needed attention. She was constantly shoved aside in past episodes, always being sort of a doormat to the more violent Tchaiko-chan. And predictably, she kind of snapped as a result. Even so, it wasn’t very pleasant to see. Bąda becomes downright scary in this episode, using her Musik powers to brainwash everyone to love her (although strangely Kanae and the Classicaloids aren’t affected).

I also feel bad for Tchaiko. I don’t think this situation is entirely her fault, as she was mostly under orders from Bach and the assistant lady (Mitsuru). Tchaiko also has some large problems of her own to deal with in this episode; such as Bach continuing to neglect her, getting suddenly cut from the idol duo, and also she basically gets dumped by her best friend (Bąda). Ouch, that’s got to hurt.

At this point I’m really unsure what route the ClassicaLoid series is going to take. This episode was definitely much more serious than past episodes, and I’m honestly wondering if this signals a turn into a much darker plotline. I somewhat hope that isn’t the case, because ClassicaLoid shines best when it’s just being a silly comedy series.

Anyway, this is one of the first episodes we’ve gotten that didn’t wrap up neatly by the end. Is Bąda going to continue her reign of terror as a solo idol next episode? Will Tchaiko continue living at the mansion? More importantly, is this what Bach really wanted?

Overall, a pretty solid episode. Not that much comedy, but it was nice to see what Tchaiko and Bąda are like when they’re not forced to be stuck together. Bąda’s Musik was a rather lovely piece. Being a “one-hit wonder” that’s probably the only piece we’ll get from her. But I do hope some of her lesser known pieces get a chance to show up as well.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Bada finally makes her Musik debut.


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