Our main character is actually that gloomy girl to the left.


Our protagonist is Yuuko, a girl who has never done well in school and basically has no friends. But that’s okay, because she has three lovely cats! (Who are also catgirls for some reason? Whatever.)

This series shows off Yuuko’s daily life with her cats.

I feel like this is a screencap those people who make “anime was a mistake” posts would latch onto.

what do i even say about an anime with this little substance

My Opinion:

This anime kinda confuses me. Are Yuuko’s cats really cat girls, or are they just catgirls in her imagination? If the latter was the case, then how can she talk to them and understand them, or is that also a part of her deluded imagination??? Anyway, I am probably overthinking things and taking this show’s premise way too seriously; because this is essentially just a cute fluff anime. I just wish it were a bit longer than TWO MINUTES so I could actually have something to say about it. Oh wait, there’s a 20 second ED so the episodes are really more like 1 and a half minutes long. Whooo.

For what it is, I suppose this anime isn’t bad. But the run time really destroys any charm it has because it doesn’t give the episodes enough time to show anything actually happening. You know, I’d probably enjoy this anime more if it were about Yuuko owning real cats; with only the cats seeing each other as catgirls. That would definitely make things a lot less weird.

At least the animation is pretty nice for being an anime short?

Out of five, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2

(for not being cringeworthy or offensive, at least)

Oh please stop with that kind of attitude.