I found this series charming enough, so what the heck; I’ll blog it for this anime season.

I still love Machi a lot.


In this episode, Takahashi interviews Machi and learns a bit more about dullahans… though mainly he learns a lot about Machi as a person. She has some minor troubles with daily life due to her status as a demi-human. However, a bigger problem Machi has is making friends due to her appearance. Takahashi gives her some advice on this matter.

This scene just needs to be witnessed in action.

Later on, through some prodding by Hikari, Machi reveals that she has a big crush on Takahashi. So Hikari sets the two on a date under the guise of “an experiment.” (Takahashi simply thinks it’s an experiment, while Machi is actually in on the ploy.) Takahashi carries Machi’s head around, while Hikari babysits her body back at home.

I actually love Hikari a lot too.

I guess you wouldn’t really need a mirror if you can just set your head down anywhere you like…

The two actually have a pleasant trip, and Takahashi begins to form a better understanding of Machi’s troubles as a dullahan. Sometime later, Takahashi mentions to the school principle that an exception should be made for Machi so that she can use a backpack instead of the regulation schoolbag. Satou (the math teacher) spies this, and is pleased.

My Opinion:

Alright, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first. I’m sure that some people will find Machi and Takahashi’s “date” kind of creepy or uncomfortable. And I get that, since it IS a teacher/student relationship. Personally (and this is just my opinion), I felt that it was obvious enough that Takahashi has no romantic interest in Machi that the whole scenario… actually came off as kind of adorable? I mean, kids or teens will sometimes develop crushes on older people (i.e. adults), and there’s nothing wrong about that. It happens. What would definitely be wrong is if that older person reciprocates. Which Takahshi doesn’t. And I really freaking hope this series doesn’t actually try to pair Takahashi up romantically with anyone other than that math teacher.

That said, I guess what Hikari and Machi did could be seen as somewhat manipulative or whatever; because they are essentially tricking Takahashi into going on a date with a student. But this series is so light-hearted that it came off as something believable that teens would probably do rather than something mean-spirited. Look, I understand that by western values, even a teacher going on a pretend date with a student would look pretty creepy. But this is an anime, we can’t really judge it by western values, and (more importantly) it’s a work of fiction. Anyway, I digress.

One last thing I have to criticize this series for is it’s somewhat unfitting instances of fanservice. This series is relatively tame, so Hikari suddenly poking Machi in the boobs (I’m not joking about this) seemed really out of place. The scene would have worked just as well if Hikari poked Machi in the stomach or something. I honestly don’t understand why the boob poke was necessary, other than for fanservice. Thankfully the fanservice in this series is few and far between enough that I’m not even angry at it, I’m just confused whenever it happens.

All my criticisms of this episode may make it seem like I hated this episode, but I actually rather liked it. It was a cute episode, we got to see more of Machi (who’s basically my favorite character at this point) and we learned a bit more about all of the characters. What I like the most about this series so far is that the characters’ problems are so believable. It really delves into the mundane problems that demi-humans would have, such as Machi having to carry her head around all the time. A lot of thought was put into how such characters would deal with certain situations because of their demi-human status, and it’s actually kind of fascinating to see.

Overall, this was a pretty solid episode despite certain things. It appears that we’ll get to see more of Satou next episode. As she’s a succubus, I’m really hoping that the fanservice doesn’t suddenly get amped up because that would be disappointing.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

This smile is precious.