Welp, this is my last first impression (I may or may not do one more for a short one, but i’m waiting for ep 2) of what has to be one long fart-noise of an anime season. I’m gonna be sitting this one out because there is nothing I really want to blog at all (which may be for the best as I’m kinda busy), here’s hoping April brings some better stuff.


‘scum’s wish’ just sounds so silly to me.

Hanabi and Mugi are two overly dramatic high-schoolers who are a couple, and do all the kinds of things that couples do. They are deeply, utterly, head over heels in love…but not with each other. Both of the true objects of their affection are unattainable – Hanabi is in love with her (half??) brother who is now also her homeroom teacher, and Mugi is in love with another female teacher who used to be his tutor. To add to all their adolescent angst, both these teachers are very obviously in love with each other.
Hanabi and Mugi originally bonded over their shared unrequited loves but eventually decided that they would vent their frustrations by acting as a replacement for the other to project their fantasies onto while they make out. However, they first make a pact – if either of them should ever begin to develop any feelings for the other, they will call it off immediately.

I would much rather watch a show about the blossoming love between these adorable teachers than all melodrama they're blissfully unaware of.

I would much rather watch a show about the blossoming love between these adorable teachers than all the melodrama they’re blissfully unaware of.

I found Scum’s Wish to be a pretty uncomfy premise back when I read a bit of the manga, and never really bothered to read on to see if there was any more to it. Unfortunately the anime doesn’t answer that question for me in this first episode as it only covers the extent of the manga I read, and it’s also still uncomfy in this format too.

Now, I understand, or at least I assume, or else I certainly hope, that this premise is intended to be uncomfortable. I understand that it’s a premise that is vaguely interesting from a psychological standpoint. But at the same time…I just can’t take it seriously at all. I know I’m too old for this stuff but these kids treating their teacher crushes like they be all/end all of their entire lives and nothing on earth will ever compare to this pain are goddamn ridiculous and I wanted to reach into the screen, grab them both firmly by the shoulders, and say ”you are going to be completely over this within a year would you give it a rest’. It’s hard to get caught up in the pain of their angsty drama when you’re too busy rolling your eyes.

Also…is the incest angle really goddamn necessary? What, was the teacher-student relationship not taboo enough as it was? Making Hanabi’s crush be both her older brother and homeroom teacher is just plain overkill. We get it, your love is forbidden. It’s also creepy, so it’s hard to feel sympathy for you no matter how much sad music and subdued colour palettes you throw at me.

I’m not ruling out the possibility that this could do some interesting things with its premise, and hey, maybe it does, but I’m only reviewing the first episode here. If the intent of the series was to be uncomfortable, it definitely succeeded, but that’s also why I’m not exactly chomping at the bit for more of it.


teenagers make dumb decisions: the anime

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