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The school festival is coming up, and Sousuke makes a bold claim that he’s starting a band. So Sousuke tries recruiting the Classicaloids living at the mansion to be in his band. Despite Kanae’s objections to the idea, the Classicaloids manage to infiltrate the school anyway.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Schubert actually a teacher IRL?

Sousuke writes up a song for the band, but it unfortunately… just isn’t that great. After Motes delivers some blunt criticism, Sousuke is crushed and runs off somewhere to mope. Shortly afterwards, Sousuke decides to disband the band, and do a solo performance at the festival.

Impromptu band performance!

I freaking love Sousuke’s relationship with Pad-kun. It’s really sweet to see.

This goes just as well as you would expect. However, it did (somehow) give Sousuke some fans at the school, so everything turns out fine.

Sousuke uh… “bringing down the house.”

My Opinion:

Finally we get a Sousuke-centered episode. It’s pretty obvious that Sousuke has always been kind of a selfish person, and we get that addressed in here. And boy does he get punished for it. After delivering a terrible performance piece, Motes gives him some much needed criticism. Although that just leads to Sousuke creating… yet another “terrible” piece, at least it shows that Sousuke CAN produce something original if he really tries.

To be honest, I didn’t think Sousuke’s piece was that bad. It wasn’t great, but all the classmates’ reactions were definitely played up for comedy. The problem with Sousuke isn’t that he’s talentless–it’s just that he’s lazy, unskilled, and refuses to practice to get better. He probably could crank out a good piece of music, if he actually tried. With Sousuke actually getting a little taste of fame at the end there, I hope that he tries to improve himself and his music.

Anyway, this is the first time we’ve seen the main Classicaloid cast actually performing. Their impromptu musical piece was nice to listen to. I’m just a little surprised that everyone picked up their respective instruments so quickly, but I guess we are dealing with (reincarnated) musical geniuses after all. Maybe this hints at the cast someday being able to play their Musik altogether in harmony? Who knows?

Overall, an okay episode. How much you like this episode will hinge on how much you like Sousuke. Nothing too much happened plot-wise and the animation quality was pretty bad this time. While Bach apparently recollects Tchiako-chan, Bąda isn’t mentioned or shown at all; so I have to wonder what happened with her.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Well, Sousuke deserves this much at least.