Being a succubus when you’re just trying to live a normal life is a sad, sad existence.


This episode is split into two parts. In the first part, we take a look into Sakie’s daily life as she explains all the troubles and inconveniences she must deal with as a succubus trying to live an ordinary life. Merely touching men can make them aroused, and just going to sleep may accidentally give nearby men erotic dreams. Thus, Sakie lives an isolated and lonely life. One day, she accidentally touches hands with Takahashi, but he doesn’t react. Thus, she develops a huge crush on him.

I ship them.

In the second part of the episode, Takahashi continues interviewing Hikari. Meanwhile, Machi and Sakie end up talking about their shared crush on Takahashi. Later, Takahashi bumps into Yuki (the yuki-onna) after school.

As an adult I can confirm this.

Takahashi stop making girls fall for you

My Opinion:

You know what? I am just resigned at this point to accept that fact that this anime will ship-tease all the main female characters with Takahashi, even though three-fourths of the main cast are high school students. I already divulged my thoughts on this matter last review, so I’m not gonna do that again here. I personally don’t mind this, as long as Takahashi doesn’t actually end up with any of the high school girls. Other than that, it’s kind of a cute premise. But if this series starts getting really creepy I am definitely bailing.

Anyway, this felt (to me) like a bit of a stronger episode than the last two. We get to see the story from Sakie’s perspective. I’d never really considered just how hard it would be to live as a succubus, and I think this episode portrayed those issues well. Sakie definitely has the most “tragic” situation out of the cast of monster girls. While Machi may be somewhat inconvenienced due to her Demi status, she’d never have to isolate herself to the point that Sakie does. Poor Sakie…

The second half felt really weak to me, because it dealt with kind of an uncomfortable situation (Takahashi please stop asking high school girls about their experience with sex); but Sakie and Machi bonding over their shared crush on Takahashi was admittedly kind of adorable.

This series is not a perfect series by any means, and there’s a lot more romance involved than I was expecting. Nonetheless, I feel like this is a more realistic portrayal of monster girls than any other series I’ve seen. Romance elements aside, the monster girls are actually treated like *gasp* real people¬†with realistic problems. As long as this series sticks to that (and doesn’t devolve into some kind of terrible harem series), then I’ll keep watching.

Out of five for this episode:

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It gets an extra point for Sakie’s story.

Not too hard to guess who’s¬†getting more screentime next.