ClassicaLoid reviews might be more brief from now on, due to me starting classes again.

The only thing sloppy here is that animation.


Both Beethes and Motes attempt to get jobs, so they can earn money for a merleopon to pay rent. Being Beethes and Motes, the two constantly get sidetracked and somehow end up in the countryside on a matcha farm. Although the two are happy with their country life, they eventually return to the mansion because this is a comedy series where the status quo is god.

Part-time worker girl was pretty great.

Motes looks really good with his hair down and I wish we can see that more often.

Pad-kun is a furry: confirmed

Probably the happiest we’ll ever see Chopin.

My Opinion:

An okay episode. I think this was more of a filler episode since nothing plot-important happened. It was just something fun and silly.

I’m glad the series finally addressed the issue of Beethes and Motes being freeloaders; and I think this episode is a way of explaining why Beethes and Motes should remain freeloaders. They’re not exactly great workers due to their demanding and selfish natures. The matcha farm segment was actually really sweet; so while it was obvious that Beethes and Motes would eventually return back the mansion (that’s where the main cast and plot is), it was kind of heartbreaking as well. They just seemed so happy to be working in the countryside.

Although this was a Beethes and Motes-focused episode, the other characters got some character development scenes as well. It was nice to see Chopin going outside of his own free will, and actually looking so energetic. And I think Liszt has uncovered a new skill in sculpting. Schubert, meanwhile, continues to be fladerdized into just being that one character that obsesses over their senpai Beethoven.

There’s really not that much to say about this episode. If you want to see Beethes and Motes doing silly things, then this episode is full of that. I wasn’t extremely fond of this episode, but it was entertaining enough. Also, that last joke at the end just has to be seen to be believed (because no way am I spoiling that here).

Out of five:

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Just let these two be happy.