There are SPOILERS in this review!

ClassicaLoid episode 17, aka “Motes is an asshole edition”


Kanae gets sick, so Sousuke suggests that they feed her fried mandarins to cure her sickness. The rest of the cast also have a taste. Later that night, strange things begin to occur, such as Beethes and Schubert suddenly falling ill. And then their faces turn orange, and everything kinda goes downhill from there.

Wow, Sousuke’s actually staying at his house for once, rather than crashing at the mansion.

Apparently Chopin can now communicate with shoebills.

Meanwhile, Chopin actually becomes the responsible one for once; as he tries to get Motes to fix the mess that he made.

that is not how you perform an exorcism

guess who became my least favorite character in this show

My Opinion:

First of all, fried mandarins don’t actually seem to be a thing… at least from what I attempted to find on it. Fried mandarins seem just weird enough to be unheard of, but not so weird that it’d be unbelievable. I was actually surprised to find out that it’s likely made up just for this episode.

Anyway, this episode was basically a homage to bad horror movies and also Michael Jackson’s Thriller, if you can believe that. Yes, this entire episode was written up for the sake of that dance number at the end. I gotta say, though–that Turkish March remix was pretty awesome (also I didn’t realize that piece was written by Mozart). But because this episode was just to pay homage to Thriller, the plot was… pretty flimsy, and more weird than usual (by ClassicaLoid standards). There were some parts that I laughed at, so it was still entertaining, I guess.

The thing that kinda ruined this episode for me was Motes. I get that he’s sort of a fan-favorite. And I get that his selfishness is part of his “shtick.” But damn was Motes just an asshole here. At his best, I find him tolerable; but at his worst I find Motes grating to watch. I’m sorry, I was just feeling as frustrated as Chopin was towards Motes by the end of this episode. Like dude; at least take some sort of responsibility for your actions! The worst part is, Motes basically gets off scott free for what he did. Also, him kissing a sleeping (and ill) Kanae was totally not cool. NOT COOL.

Overall… ehhhhh. I mean, it was a fun episode, and Chopin was really great here. Honestly, if it weren’t for Chopin, I’d probably have given this episode a lower rating.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Chopin really needs to be in the spotlight more.