Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 5

“I love ice” I say, while not being able to stand anything below 68 F/20 C


Yuki finally gets interviewed by Takahashi. She reveals that she’s never had problems being a Demi before. That is, until she suddenly moved to the city and started high school. Shortly before school started, Yuki noticed that she was able to form ice in hot water as she was taking a bath. Seeing this scared her, because she was afraid of accidentally hurting others with her ice ability.

I loved this montage because it shows just how much Takahashi cares about his students.

Takahashi does some research to try to solve this dilemma. Yuki sometimes emits a cold air, and she can sometimes turn her tears to ice. Is it really enough to turn hot water into ice? Eventually, he finds out the source of the ice, and shows it to Yuki. Yuki can apparently freeze her sweat as well. Takahashi deduces that these “ice powers” only activate when Yuki experiences negative emotions.

These fairy tale segments were pretty… “cool” *badum-tish*

The rest of the episode shows Yuki becoming friends with Hikari and Machi.

*whispers* Moe

My Opinion:

Despite having appeared in the first episode, it’s only in this one that Yuki’s problem is finally resolved. Yuki doesn’t have much sweat glands in her body, which was why she never thought that her sweat could freeze. However, she seems to sweat from her feat when she’s nervous. That’s… that’s gotta be someone’s fetish (and I shudder to think about that).

Anyway, Yuki rounds off the main cast of Demis nicely. Hikari had no issues; Machi had some trouble making friends; Sakie is old enough to take care of her own problems; while Yuki had a problem that directly related to her powers. We learn a bit about Yuki’s history in this episode. She used to live in a small town before moving to the city. I don’t think Yuki is as timid as she appears. Yes, she is somewhat shy, but I think the shock of transitioning from her hometown to the city was what made her much more withdrawn. Well, that and her fear of hurting others. Fortunately, with her problem resolved, Yuki appears to be opening up to people and becoming more friendly.

There’s not much else to say about this episode. Takahashi handled the whole thing extremely well, and I did like all the ice imagery throughout. Takahashi’s words seem to hint that the yuki-onnas in legends were actually Demis–because all the stories about them are sad in some way, and yuki-onnas only create ice when feeling negative emotions. That’s actually a really fascinating theory, and I’d love to learn more about how Demis became more integrated into this world’s society.

The latter half of the episode just had the characters goofing off, which was cute. Now that we seem to have solidified our main cast, I wonder what’s going to happen from now on? Everyone seemed to have most of their issues resolved. Based on the next episode previews, Hikari apparently gets into a fight with her sister; so I’m assuming that it’s going to be a Himari-centered episode.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

My children. They are all my children.

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