There be SPOILERS here.



We get a lot of PLOT in this episode.

Mitsuru is revealed to be building some kind of “Octovano” for Bach. The Arkhe Foundation has also apparently continued searching for Kanae’s father, Kyougo.

Flashback time!

Mitsuru reminisces on her younger years at the Arkhe Foundation. She was a genius at designing artificial intelligence and was paired up with Kyougo to bring the ClassicaLoid project to completion. However, Mitsuru seems to harbor a deep grudge against Kyougo for abandoning the project; and she currently strives to be “better” than him. She kidnaps Sousuke, and uses his music to create her own “Mitsuruloid.”

Sousuke seriously gets some of the best lines in this series.

Sassy Pad-kun.

Meanwhile, Bach takes a walk around the city. He too reminisces on his early days after being “revived” as a ClassicaLoid. Bach requested Kyougo’s aid in finding the Eight Sounds. But Kyougo ended up running away with Beethes and Motes, leaving Bach feeling abandoned and betrayed.

Kyougo’s biggest defining trait: being constantly in debt

During this, Mitsuru unleashes her Mitsuruloid (really just a robot painted to look like Sousuke) onto the Otowa mansion. Everyone is amazingly fooled by this terrible disguise. However, the robot soon goes haywire and begs to be praised, causing powerful sound shockwaves. Beethes and Motes work together to try to bring the robot down, but are unsuccessful. Bach finally steps in to end the mess, but Mitsuru is able to get the robot back.

My Opinion:

Whoah. There was an amazing amount of plot, plot-twists, and reveals in this episode. And yet… there’s still so many questions left unanswered.

I really like that Mitsuru finally gets the focus of an episode. Despite being just a human character, she’s far more mysterious than the ClassicaLoids themselves. Sadly, we don’t get to learn a lot about who she is, other than that she specialized in artificial intelligence and worked with Kyougo in the past. That said, we also get a surprise appearance from Kyougo himself. Mitsuru may be mysterious, but Kyougo is the biggest mystery of this show. His personality makes his actions incredibly hard to read. He’s extremely laid back, and also kind of an asshole. What exactly is his role and “goal” in this series? What I don’t understand most about Kyougo is how he acquired such a debt in the first place, if he was working for the Arkhe foundation? They seem to pay pretty well.

Anyway, Kyougo’s “answer” to Bach’s request was sad to watch–he basically betrayed his own creation, after all. I just hope his actions are explained or justified later. (And I also hope that he actually meets with his daughter in person just so she can kick his ass.)

Probably one of the more important plot elements shown off in this episode is that Beethes and Motes are shown to have a lot more control over their powers now. All the ClassicaLoids at the mansion are only able to trigger their Musik under certain conditions: Beethoven only activates his when he feels passionate about something, Mozart’s is triggered by past life memories, Liszt’s is caused by her feeling “love,” Chopin’s is caused by him feeling strong negative emotions, and Schubert’s Musik is triggered whenever he feels inspired. But this is the first time we’ve seen Beethes and Motes command their Musik without this kind of caveat. Which definitely means that they’re getting better at using Musik. I hope the other three ClassicaLoids can get better at Musik as well.

While this episode was great, I do have some slight criticism for this episode. How the heck did everyone manage to get fooled by robot-Sousuke? It was probably done “for the comedy” but it still feels kind of bizarre in the overall scheme of things. Hell, the characters were able to recognize Motes in his weird leaf getup from episode 7 but they couldn’t even figure out that “Sousuke” was just a robot? Really?

Anyway, out of five for this episode, I give:

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