Himari’s face is just perfect.


Takahashi drops by Hikari’s and Himari’s house to meet with their parents. The two sisters end up fighting–a lot. Himari is especially peeved about having to do Hikari’s hair all the time.

Of course Hikari’s the photogenic type.

Later on at school, Takahashi suggests that maybe Hikari keeps asking for help with her hair because she can’t see her own reflection. Himari immediately feels bad about brushing off her sister that morning. But it turns out… Hikari’s just really lazy.

This scene was really well-done imo

Close sisters until the end… even if they do fight a lot.

After school, Machi has to get picked up because it’s raining; and holding an umbrella and her head at the same time is dangerous. While she waits, she hangs out in Takahashi’s office.

My Opinion:

This was such a good episode. Nothing much happened plot-wise, but we got to see Hikari’s and Himari’s parents. Which is really nice for an anime, because so often in anime the parents just get brushed aside because they’re not “important” enough. I really love how the twins’ parents are portrayed. It’s a really loving family. It is also nice to see the father being the one who stays at home doing the housework. I’ve seen this in a few other anime too (PMMM is the most prominent one that comes to mind) and I really wish Western animation had the balls to show this off; ’cause I’ve never seen a stay-at-home dad in a cartoon before. Anyway, I digress.

Hikari’s and Himari’s relationship is portrayed very realistically. Yes, they love each other a lot. But, being siblings, they still fight. I usually find these sort of petty fights to be grating in anime, but Hikari’s and Himari’s fighting was actually pretty funny to watch. It just felt natural.

Meanwhile, both Machi and Sakie appear to be trying to get closer to Takahashi. Sakie’s flirting was cute; while Machi feeling Takahashi’s hair was… also cute but also kinda awkward to watch ’cause. Uh. That’s a really weird thing to do, especially if you’re not real close to the other person–PLUS they’re sleeping. It was innocent enough that the scene didn’t go into total creeper territory, but you know it probably wouldn’t have been as innocent in tone if the genders were reversed.

Anyway, this was still a really charming episode despite that. The fanservice was really minimal this time around too. You know, I’d be perfectly happy just watching a slice-of-life anime focused on the twins’ lives. That would be super rad.

Out of five for this episode:

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This was a sweet scene but it must look really bizarre to anyone who doesn’t know this series or the context.