“Ariana what is going on with this series.” “I honestly have no idea.”


Tchaiko’s and Bąda’s relationship is still on the rocks, so Bach dumps them both at the Ottowa mansion in the hopes that they’d be able to work out their feelings. What happens instead is that Tchaiko loses it over Bach’s supposed “rejection” of her, and accidentally activates her Musik out of sadness.

I’m just laughing at this because the “Hassie is actually evil” meme has been going on for ages in the English ClassicaLoid fandom.

This causes everyone at the mansion to be trapped in a single room, overseen by an evil Hassie named “Rothbart.” Rothbart claims that anyone who falls in love in this room will be doomed… or something. Kanae scoffs at this, saying that it’d be hard for anyone to fall in love because they’re all so incompatible. However, due to the powers of Tchaiko’s Musik, even the most bizarre pairings begin to form; and everyone slowly gets picked off one by one.

It’s due to the Tchaiko’s Musik, but this is probably the most “moe” we’ve ever seen Kanae.

Pad-kun telling the story of swan lake. I really liked this storybook-like sequence.

It’s quickly found out (by the ones who were “doomed”) that pairing up is actually “winning” the game–because they are merely deposited outside of the Musik-infused mansion. At this point, only a handful of people are still stuck inside the Musik room: Beethes, Kanae, Bąda, and Tchaiko. Sousuke runs back in to try pairing with Bąda, but he somehow sets Tchaiko and Bąda up instead. The two manage to work through their feelings and fly away on a swan boat (seriously). The mansion and everyone return back to normal… except for maybe Beethes, who seems to have developed some (unrequited) feelings for Kanae.

These two are cute when they’re not at each others’ throats.

And so, Tchaiko and Bąda have gotten back together and reformed their idol group. They are now getting along… kinda… sorta?

My Opinion:

I feel like the producers saw all the shippy stuff in this fandom and went “WELL WHY DON’T WE JUST DO *THIS* THEN?” The result is pretty hilarious. Schubert gets paired up with Chopin??? Liszt and Sousuke??? More surprisingly, Tchaiko and Bąda????? However, none of the pairings seem to be acknowledged at the end of the episode (even Tchaiko and Bąda), so I guess it could all just be chalked up to “Musik shenanigans or something.” I do kinda like the Beethes x Kanae shiptease, though. It was already hinted all the way back in episode 11.

Anyway, this was a pretty interesting episode (ship-teasing aside) because it shows that ClassicaLoids’ Musik is heavily linked to their emotions/emotional state. Tchaiko, Bąda, and Bach are (or were) one of the few that had apparent control of their Musik powers. However, as shown off here; they can still accidentally trigger their Musik if they’re emotionally distressed enough.

The Musik that we get this time is one of Tchaikovky’s more famous pieces: Swan Lake. I admittedly don’t know enough about the story to catch any deeper themes in this episode (other than what Pad-kun had explained) so I can’t say anything there. I am… honestly not sure if Tchaiko really intended to fix her relationship with Bąda or if she was just saying that to look nice; because damn Tchaiko you sure tried to off your supposed “best friend” a couple of times throughout this episode. Can I also just say that being a ClassicaLoid must give you some super strength, ’cause Tchaiko and Bąda don’t even need their Musik to beat the shit out of things.

Overall, a pretty decent episode. The animation was kind of bad in places, but the music was great. While nearly all of the ClassicaLoids are shown to be jerks, I’m starting to think that Bach is kind of an asshole as well. I know he dumped the two girls at the mansion for their benefit, but it also kind of felt like he just didn’t want to deal with their crap himself. Anyway, Motes is getting another focus episode next week. Will the episode manage to redeem Mozart for me? I guess we’ll find out.

Out of five for this episode:

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Don’t mess with these girls.