“A pretty boy!”


In this episode, we are introduced to two new characters: Ugaki and Kurtz. Ugaki is a detective that handles demi-related cases, although his main job is to keep in contact with all the succubi in the area to ensure that they aren’t causing trouble. This includes Sakie, and the two had apparently known each other since Sakie was a teen. Meanwhile, Kurtz is the young German kid who is Ugaki’s partner. He appears to be immune to the aphrodisiac effects of succubi.

Ugaki’s actually a pretty okay guy but something about his personality just kinda pisses me off.

Kurtz is the worst liar in the world.

Ugaki came to Takahashi’s school mainly to check on the three demi students (Hikari, Machi, and Yuki). While he’s in the area, he checks in on Sakie as well, and is pleased to learn that she’s developed a crush on someone.

Later on, Takahashi converses with Ugaki, who explains that his job as a detective (especially concerning succubi) isn’t exactly the greatest job. Nonetheless, Ugaki still strives to create a world where demis and humans can coexist together peacefully.

I guess this series needed more testosterone or something.

My Opinion:

The pacing of this episode just felt really off to me. I have heard that this episode apparently adapts a manga chapter that is set way later in the series, which could be a reason why. However, I think there are other issues beyond that. Getting introduced to Ugaki and Kurtz so suddenly without any foreshadowing is what mainly threw me off. What is their purpose in this series exactly? Ugaki is a detective who works with the government to keep an eye on demis. Okay then. But who the hell is this Kurtz kid? He’s the biggest mystery of this series so far. Is he actually a demi? Is he actually even a “he”? Ugaki seemed to imply that only people who are sexually attracted to females would be affected by Sakie’s powers. So it’s possible that Kurtz is actually gay, asexual, or actually a girl in crossdress. Hikari kept mistaking Kurtz for someone else, so I’m assuming that Kurtz may actually turn out to be a girl.

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about these characters. Their personalities are far too bizarre compared to the rest of the cast, and having them get introduced really threw off the tone of the series. Ugaki turns out to be a pretty okay guy when you get to know him better, but man was his interaction with Sakie borderline annoying. For someone who tries his best not to get people to hate him, you sure do know how to make people pissed off at you. Is he trying to pull off the “teasing older brother-type character” or what?

Kurtz is… a whole other story. His shtick of being a bad liar was mildly funny; but everything he does is weird. Case in point: getting super angry at a high school boy for taking creepy photos of Sakie; but then… being moved by the boy’s cheesy as hell speech and letting the boy keep the photo? What the hell dude, beyond being creepy as hell; having a photo like that is probably breaking the law?! AREN’T YOU BASICALLY WORKING WITH THE LAW KURTZ??? (Is this another issue of differing cultural norms?)

Anyway, this series continues to emphasize that being a succubus really, really sucks. (Poor Sakie…) Other than that, Ugaki does mention some interesting things. People used to be a lot less nice to demis (understandably). Ugaki says that the stigma against demis is mostly gone now since society has “mellowed out a lot.” That’s actually really interesting, and it’s kind of refreshing to see a series where the general populace becomes more tolerant as a whole without too much intervention from other forces. Of course, in-series, the government continues to try helping demis successfully integrate into society (which is why Hikari gets a blood pack every month). It’s also why Ugaki has the job that he does.

Overall, this was an okay episode. A lot of people were angry that Sakie’s past wasn’t entirely explored (it was just glossed over), but apparently the manga never really fully explored it either. Personally, I felt it was kind of a missed opportunity as well. As fascinating as it was to learn more about succubi and demis, I wasn’t super fond of this episode. It’s probably mean of me to say this, but I just don’t care about Ugaki or Kurtz at all. I’m hoping they don’t play too important of a role in this series later on. I just feel like they are characters that belong in an entirely different anime.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

I think this is middle school-aged Sakie. Growing up as a succubus must have been hard too…