A hug won’t make your bad grades disappear, kid.


Hikari gets bad grades on her midterms, and Takahashi is disappointed in her. Wanting to be praised, Hikari decides to study with Machi and Yuki for the upcoming proficiency exams.

The focus then switches over to Yuki for a bit, as she and Sakie bond over old gag manga (although Yuki is too embarrassed to admit that she’s a fan). Sakie also tells Yuki a story about what happened in her middle-school years.

Yuki’s not as innocent as she looks.

Oh boy, you have no idea what you’ve unleashed on yourself.

Later on, Hikari ranks how willing she would be to bite the arms of her classmates and teacher. (…It makes more sense in context.)

My Opinion:

A cute episode, if lacking in plot. And hey, we finally get to see a bit of Sakie’s past! I really was not expecting that, but I was happy to see it. Sakie’s more of a badass than I realized. I’d love to see more of Sakie’s past, but if not it’s understandable. Sakie’s youth sounds rather melancholy compared to the other three main girls’ current lives, so I’m not sure if the series will want to delve too deeply into that. Interviews with Monster Girls is a series with a generally happy/hopeful tone, after all.

I’m glad that Yuki got fleshed out more in this episode, as she did feel a bit bland compared to the other girls. I like her as a character, but before this episode Yuki was just the typical “nice” girl. The real Yuki is apparently a bit of a mischievous character who really likes gag-styled comedy. I’m not exactly sure why she had to hide her love of gag manga to Sakie of all people, since Sakie acted fairly non-judgmental about the manga stuff. I get that Yuki was embarrassed but really, there’s a lot more interests that are more embarrassing than that. Although, seeing as reading manga can possibly be seen as childish, I guess I understand.

Anyway, I don’t really have much of an opinion on the rest of this episode other than “that was cute/amusing.” We get to see Hikari, Machi, and Yuki studying together. It’s nice to see the three becoming good friends, but there’s not much else to say there. The arm ranking thing was also kind of out of left field but I guess it’s fitting for a character like Hikari. The segment was funny enough so I didn’t mind it. Takahashi being super fixated on the whole “biting has sexual undertones” thing is still kind of creepy though, and I really wish he’d stop focusing on that. Thankfully the other girls scolded him for acting creepy as well.

Overall, a good episode even if nothing much happened. There is a bit more noticeable QUALITY ANIMATION this time (Takahashi’s face, what happened) but I’ve seen worse.

Out of five:

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All the faces here are gold.