There are SPOILERS in this review.

Schubert, probably the only one who actually does the chores.


Schubert gets angry about not having a room like the others, despite being the only one who ever does the chores. To win himself a room, Schubert decides to hold a Musik battle. Unfortunately, Schubert still can’t manifest his Musik of his own will; and everyone teases him mercilessly for it. Depressed, Schubert leaves the mansion. While on the streets, Schubert realizes how little presence he has; to the point where even the people at the Arkhe foundation don’t even remember him.

let this poor man find happiness

Just as he’s about to jump from the Arkhe tower, Schubert gets tangled up in a large kite and gets flown all the way to what is apparently America. There, he meets with Kyougo, and the two talk it out over oden. Schu angrily asks Kyougo why he created the ClassicaLoids, and Kyougo’s response is… they just kinda happened.

Kyougo: by far the biggest asshole in this entire series

The next day, Kyougo is gone, and Schubert again gets swept away by the kite, and deposited back at the mansion. There’s a typhoon going on, and the gang are trying to fix the leaky roof. Everyone chastises Schubert for not helping out, not even realizing that he’s been gone for days. Schubert finally cracks, and delivers a colossal smack-down to everyone–through a rap backed by the composer’s Der Erlkönig.

Yeah, you all SHOULD be scared.

After that incident, everyone seems to respect Schubert… at least for a little while.

The whole rap segment had sort of a PaRappa the Rapper vibe.

My Opinion:

This episode was… something. Gosh, why the hell was everyone so mean to the poor man? Of course, I’m talking about Schubert. He’s always been teased before, and his whole “gimmick” is that he’s often ignored. But geeze! Even Sousuke and Kanae made fun of the man, which seems OOC for them. Everyone just acted like assholes in this episode, which wasn’t pleasant to watch.

Even less pleasant to watch was Schubert sinking into a depression so bad that he almost committed suicide??? Not even Mozart’s episodes were that dark. I have no idea what the hell the writers were thinking with this episode; as I feel the point could have been made just as well without resorting to this sort of cheap melodrama. It’s obvious that the writers were setting up Schubert to deliver a much needed verbal smackdown to everyone, because they honestly deserved it. But I still think the whole thing could have been handled better. Having characters be assholes just for the sake of being assholes is not fun to watch; and it’s a brand of humor that I personally despise. I especially despise when a character gets singled out to be the one where “all the bad stuff happens to them” just… just because. Because it’s supposed to be “funny”, I guess? Unfortunately, it’s just not the sort of comedy I enjoy. At least Schubert actually got the chance to get back at his aggressors. However, the whole “almost committed suicide” thing was unnecessary and could have been omitted.

People are pretty split on the Musik choice this time. The piece is Der Erlkönig, which appears to be beloved by a lot of people in the ClassicaLoid fandom. So having it turned into a rap diss was… I suppose really jarring, and definitely unexpected. I didn’t think it was that bad. It was an odd choice, but I can see why it was done this way. It was needed to have Schubert truly stand out as a character. Still, some people are kind of annoyed that the piece was given this sort of treatment. It is true that this is the most word-heavy Musik piece we’ve had, that has barely any resemblance to the poem the piece was originally based on.

Anyway, this was an okay episode. I liked that Schubert finally stands up to everyone and gains some respect; and also manages to control his own Musik now! However, most of the episode was just Schubert abuse, and that was significantly less fun to watch. I’m also a bit disappointed that Motes’ character arc wasn’t carried on from last episode; but eh, that’s the downside to having a semi-episodic series such as this.

So, out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2

Well, it’s certainly… unique?