ClassicaLoid Episode 22

What is it with Beethoven and getting obsessed with food/drinks?


Beethes gets obsessed with yet another thing, and this time it’s coffee. He then strives to make the perfect cup of coffee, and sets out to drink it on the perfect seating. Of course, when you live with two teens and four manchildren, that goal isn’t exactly easy to accomplish.

I think I get why Beethes has so many fangirls now. He actually is quite handsome when he’s not scowling all the time.
Hey look, it’s the three stooges.
Watch this episode if you want to see Beethoven get his ass kicked by a bunch of kids.

My Opinion:

I’m glad that we get a relatively silly episode before what appears to be a three-part finale. I think this is one of the few times we see Beethes so happy as well, which was nice. Other than that, I wasn’t really impressed with this episode. I’ve seen too many comedy series already to guess at the entire plot of this episode; although Beethes was at least actually successful at the end. Schubert also seems to be keeping that outfit he got from last episode, which shows that his character development has stuck. I’ll miss his old-fashioned appearance, but seeing Schubert being so confident now is heartwarming.

The song we get in this episode is Für Elise. Which is surprising as I thought they’d save that for the finale, but whatever. It was a nice and fairly straightforward remix.

Wow, so we really are nearing the end-game, huh? To be honest, I felt that this episode could have been used to better develop some other characters that haven’t gotten as much spotlight. Schubert’s and Motes’ final character development arc happened recently; Tchaiko’s and Bąda’s were resolved when they got back together to reform their idol duo; and I guess Chopin’s and Beethe’s arc could have been “finished” all the way back in the first half. But what about Liszt? Despite being the most flamboyant of all the characters, I feel like I barely know her. Sure, we did get a sort of character-focused episode for her all the way back in episode 8 (the girl’s day out episode); but it also focused on all the female cast members so I feel it doesn’t really count. Poor Liszt, I love you as a character, but you are definitely the least developed out of everyone. (Hell, even Sousuke got a character-focused episode!)

Well, I guess there’s still three more episodes of ClassicaLoid left, so anything can happen. Mitsuru will definitely be making some kind of villainous comeback here. I hope we finally get some answers to what all this “Eight Sounds” stuff is, and why Bach wants to acquire it so much. And will Kyougo finally take responsibility for any of his actions? I sure hope so.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

I get the feeling Beethes just really likes high places.

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