ClassicaLoid Episode 23



Thanks to Mitsuru, Bach’s Eight Sounds Amplification device (named “Octovas”) is finally complete, and Bach begins to set his plan into motion. But first, he needs the other seven ClassicaLoids. Tchaiko and Bąda are easy enough to convince, but the other five ClassicaLoids pose a problem. Bach sends out his lackeys to bring them back to the Arkhe Corporation, but they are unsuccessful. Mitsuru then unveils her own ClassicaLoids–android copies of the other seven ClassicaLoids. Bach is impressed by their Musik powers, and thus uses them in his plan instead.

I actually don’t hate Mitsuru as much as other people (I find her brand of cartoonish villainy too ridiculous to be threatening) but damn after this episode I certainly understand why she’s hated.

Meanwhile, Tchaiko and Bąda suddenly find themselves out of a job (thanks to Mitsuru) and so go over to the Otowa mansion to crash there. But when Bach and Mitsuru finally start up the Octovas device, strange things begin to occur. First, sound completely ceases to exist, leaving Kanae and Sousuke unable to talk. But when the sound comes back, things get even weirder–people are suddenly donning Bach wigs as they turn into Bach-zombies.

Schubert this is not the time to be rapping.
Thankfully it doesn’t last long, but such a world would be terrifying.

Bach himself is horrified when he finds out what’s happening. Unfortunately for him, Mitsuru has had ulterior motives all along, and chains Bach to the Octovas machine. She professes that all of this was done because of her love of Bach–she wants Bach to be the sole musical genius of the world.

Back at the mansion, the other ClassicaLoids prepare to use their Musik to fight an oncoming horde of Bach-zombies. Unfortunately… Schubert also happens to be one of them.

My Opinion:

Well, ClassicaLoid suddenly got serious, didn’t it? The “Eight Sounds” thing had been foreshadowed early on, but this is the first time we see what Bach was actually planning. And even then, it’s not the full gist of the plan, as Mitsuru ends up hijacking it to turn everyone into Bach-zombies out of some weird love-induced delusion.

It was pretty obvious that Mitsuru would turn out to be the “big bad” of the series, ever since she kidnapped Sousuke and did things without Bach’s knowledge. But I never thought that she was doing it out of “love.” Well, I suppose it’s partially love, and partially as a way to prove that she’s better than Kyougo, or something. But sheesh Mitsuru, you were a better villain before this reveal. I’d take a cartoonishly evil villain over these weird yandere antics anyday.

Not much for me to say about the other seven ClassicaLoids, as Bach and Mitsuru really stole the show in this episode. Still, it was nice to see them having so much control over their powers, and seeing them living their day-to-day lives. I guess it was also nice to see Kyougo attempt to stop Mitsuru’s evil machine. The dude may be irresponsible and a huge slacker, but even he can’t let world domination slide. Too bad he got foiled by being in debt.

Anyway, the end of this episode and the previews for the next one hint at the seven remaining ClassicaLoids launching a huge attack against the Bach-zombies and Mitsuru’s androids. That should be a fun watch. Here’s hoping that Bach manages to slap some sense into Mitsuru.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Mitsuru this is like, the last thing that Bach would have wanted. So great job in failing to confess your love you sad excuse for an antagonist.

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