ClassicaLoid Episode 24

There are SPOILERS ahead.

Because you’re the closest thing this series has to a main character.


Schubert’s possession predictably doesn’t last long. And with all seven ClassicaLoids gathered at the Otowa Mansion, they are able to defend the place using their Musik powers. However, the Bach-zombies just keep coming, with seemingly no end. Kyougo suddenly makes contact with Kanae through Pad-kun. He tells her that she needs to shut off the main device producing Bach’s Musik, because he is unable to do so himself. Thus, Kanae, Beethes, and Motes, quickly make their way to the Arkhe Foundation while the remaining five ClassicaLoids (and Sousuke) stay behind to defend the house.

At the Arkhe Foundation, the Mitsuruloids (aka ClassicaLoid clone robots) manage to break free of the Octovas machine and have started wandering around the facility. Upon arriving at the foundation, Beethes and Motes make quick work of their robot counterparts. Bach is also able to break free of the Octovas machine and quickly shuts down the other Mitsuruloids. But the Octovas device is still active.

Get ready for an epic battle–oh wait, it’s over already? Dang.

Beethes, Motes, and Kanae eventually come face to face with Bach. Bach reveals his real intention in creating the Octovas device. The device would allow everyone to become ClassicaLoids, and to be able to create Musik and communicate through Musik. However, he would need the aid of the other seven ClassicaLoids to accomplish this. Beethes and Motes predictably oppose this idea, and the three fight through Musik.

Mitsuru you are terrible villain.
I just really liked this shot.

During this, Kanae tries to reason with Bach. She tells him that she is also opposed to the idea, because if music were everywhere all the time, it would cease to be special. This statement manages to get through to Bach, and he loses to Beethes and Motes. The Octovas is promptly destroyed in the aftermath of the Musik battle. With the device destroyed, the Bach-zombified people return back to normal. Unfortunately, there’s still trouble looming ahead…

Because suddenly, aliens.

My Opinion:

As you can tell by my summary, a lot of stuff happened in this episode. Most of it was good, but that ending is a little… well. I’ll get to that later.

It was incredibly awesome to see all the ClassicaLoids working together to defend the mansion. Everyone has full control of their Musik powers now. Remember in episode 6 and how the ClassicaLoids nearly destroyed the city because of their Musik mixing together uncontrollably? Everyone has certainly grown since then. And hey, Tchaiko and Bąda get to join in this time as well!

Admittedly, I was a little disappointed at the “battle” between Beethes/Motes and their robotic counterparts. It was over too quickly! I understand that it had to be brief for the sake of the more important plot (their face-off with Bach) but it still felt like a missed opportunity for something cool.

Anyway, Bach does manage to confront Mitsuru, but she gets off rather lightly for what she did. All she gets its a scolding and a slight head tap from Bach. Predictably, the fandom was not exactly happy about this. I feel that its fitting for Bach’s character, though. Although Mitsuru did do a despicable thing, she and Bach still had sort of a friendly relationship. Even though I think her motivation for villainy is still stupid, I never hated Mitsuru as much as the fandom does. So this didn’t really annoy me all that much.

The battle between Bach and Beethes/Motes was glorious. But what ultimately wins the fight? Kanae’s incredibly cheesy speech. I did think it was kind of heartwarming, but you can’t deny that Kanae’s speech was somewhat predictable and cheesy. (Or maybe I’ve just watched far too many anime at this point…)

Alright, here’s the part in the episode that caused a lot of annoyance in the fandom: the appearance of the aliens. I realize that the “suddenly, aliens!” thing has been done in a lot of other anime before. It’s basically a staple of Japanese anime, especially when it comes to gag/comedy anime series. But… I still think this entire segment was handled rather poorly. That type of joke/gag is something that should be done in the very last episode of the series, not the second-to-last episode! Because now there’s only one episode to resolve this plot-point, and there’s no way that the last episode won’t be a gigantic mess because of it. Why couldn’t they just have done an epilogue episode, with the ClassicaLoids going about their usual lives? I guess the ClassicaLoid writers were attempting to end the series off on a bang, but… this is still a pretty terrible way to do it.

Overall, I’d still say this was a fairly good episode, all things considered. That ending, though… That does not look too promising for the next episode.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

As cheesy as Kanae’s speech was, this was still incredibly cute.

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