ClassicaLoid Episode 25 (Final)

There are MASSIVE SPOILERS in this episode! It is an episode that is best watched unspoilt (unless you don’t care about that sort of thing).

Get your crap together Kyougo.


Continuing on from last episode, an alien invasion appears to be starting as people are being abducted from countries all around the world. Bach claims that it is up to the ClassicaLoids to calm the aliens down with their Musik. They’re reluctant to go along with Bach’s plan at first, but after Kanae pleads with them they eventually agree. With a quickly restored Octovas, the eight ClassicaLoids finally unleash their Musik together.

So THIS was apparently the real reason for Bach’s plan.
Seeing Schubert so happy gives me life.

The aliens seem pleased… but then suddenly congregate over the mansion and start blasting buildings and whatnot. They demand more music! To please them, Beethes and Motes send up Kanae and Sousuke to act as emissaries. After giving them an amazing encore, the aliens are finally satisfied and are nice enough to fix all the damage they’ve created.

Kanae is best ClassicaLoid
Time for a spaceship concert.

And so, life returns to normal for Kanae, Sousuke, and the ClassicaLoids.

My Opinion:

I was afraid that this episode would be a mess; but holy cow, it was actually pretty awesome??? It was badly foreshadowed, but the reason why the aliens attacked actually made sense? It was because of the Golden Record on the Voyager, which was pretty darn clever on the writer’s part.

Surprisingly, the pacing of the episode didn’t feel all that rushed despite the massive amount of plot present. Not to say that there weren’t some duex ex machina elements–like Bach’s people somehow being able to repair the Octovas so quickly. But damn it, all the awesome music and animation more than made up for that. Seeing all eight ClassicaLoids finally performing together was a real treat. And man, the ENCORE. I seriously never expected Kanae and Sousuke to get transformations but it was absolutely awesome.

But the biggest bombshell was the announcement of a season 2 at the very end of the episode. Is this for real? Because of the unfortunate timing of the last episode of ClassicaLoid (on April Fool’s day), I’m going to take that announcement with a grain of salt for now.

Anyway, this episode was an amazing, suitably epic, and a completely satisfying ending to the ClassicaLoid series.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Music unites the world.

Final Thoughts:

Admittedly, I did enjoy the first cour of ClassicaLoid far more than it’s second half. The first half of the series was cleverly written and funny enough to actually make me laugh out loud many times. The height of this series comedy appeared to happen in episode 11, which still remains one of my favorite ClassicaLoid episodes (along with episode 2). But once the second half of the series started… man, what happened?

While the series did continue to maintain it’s wackiness until the very end, I did feel that the series became a lot less funny and a lot less interesting. Suddenly, the episodes tread through some very tired formulas and cliched brands of humor. This could possibly be forgiven if the anime switched the comedy out for more plot, but the plot itself wasn’t really handled all that well, in my opinion. Earlier episodes managed to balance a serious story with the comedy aspects rather well, but the second season felt kind of… unbalanced. There was far more focus on the comedy, so that even plot-heavy episodes felt a bit un-sincere. The exception to this is Motes’ episode, which was actually very somber. But then there was Schubert’s episode, and boy was his story arc treated poorly. So that left the last three episodes to really wrap up the plot. At least three full episodes were dedicated to this, because the series could have been concluded in a far worse way.

The characters in ClassicaLoid were okay for the most part. While they were never meant to be saints, I feel like their jerkish tendencies were really dialed up in the second half of the series (which is also another reason why I generally disliked the second half). Still, when the comedic chemistry between them all is good, it’s really good. I’m also glad that most of them got character development, except for Liszt. Poor Liszt.

The animation in this series ranges from either good to QUALITY ANIMATION. But at least the animation is great when it counts. I’m still reeling from that finale episode. And of course, being a strongly musical-influenced series, I have to talk about the music. For the most part, it is alright. All of the classical music used in this series has been remixed. Some are obviously given better remixes than others. All the remixes have lyrics added to them, which can be a good or a bad thing. I think the most divisive remix has got to be Schubert’s Der Erlkönig from episode 21, which got turned into some kind of rap sequence. That is… a very strange choice of musical genre for what is supposed to be a very somber musical piece. Still, I have to appreciate the effort that was put into the music for this series. (And if more people listen to classical music after this, then that’s great.)

Overall, ClassicaLoid is just a very wacky series. The premise alone can be alienating, as it’s about classic composers being turned into wacky anime characters. Still, if you can handle something that wacky, and want to watch something funny or amusing, then ClassicaLoid would probably be something you would enjoy. While I wasn’t always impressed with the series, I don’t regret watching this; and I’m eagerly awaiting for (hopefully?) season 2.

Out of five for the series as a whole:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Please don’t be a cruel April Fool’s joke.

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