Boku no Hero Academia – 00

And thus we begin again

Hey ho~ It’s time for another season of animu, and it looks like I’ll be leading off with Boku no Hero Academia, episode 0!

This episode doesn’t require much description as it’s essentially the entirety of season 1 in a short, condensed 24 minutues with commentary by our favourite protag, Izuku, provides his own commentary over the most important parts of the season, which range from meeting and being mentored by All Might (the top hero of his world of superheros), to the battles he fought in the Hero Highschool academy.

It also goes over his meeting of his school mates, and goes into details about each of their abilities of the heros that stood out the most to him.

Because I unfortunetly didn’t finish blogging season one due to personal reasons, here’s a short rundown:

We see the battle between the Villian league that attack the class as they undertake their survival training. These villians targeted All Might in an attempt to kill him with a manufactured villian, at that, that could withstand the blows All Might can dish out. Even though All Might was able to beat Noumu, for the time being, his secret of not being able to maintain his hero form was barely kept out of public eye, and both he and Izuku barely made it out of season one with their lives intact.

This arc also explored the super powers of Izuku’s classmates, too, to great effect, in which they took on the army of villians led by Tomura Shigaraki, a man with hands all over his body, and being led by what we can only see as a voice for now. He is able to escape with his life intact by a hair’s width, but we can all tell he will return.

Which brings us to season two.

I for one am very excited about season 2, and this episode was a great way to refresh everyone’s memories of season 1 before we dived into episode one. I for one didn’t remember a huge amount of the first season in detail, so to have a refresher ep before this season was a great idea, and also gave us further perspective on Izuku’s thoughts and feelings about his journey so far. I especially loved that in the credits, they used my favourite song from the soundtrack but an orchestra mix, of ‘You Say Run‘. I sincerely hope to see this track on the season two soundtrack, because it was a fantastic remix!

And with that, onwards to season 2!

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