Boku no Hero Academia – 14

I can’t wait to see him as an adult and fully powered…

And thus, we begin with season two, which effectively is being called episode 14 by most parties since it continues right after episode 13, (and the anime itself also reads that this is episode 14 too) so I’m gonna roll with it as well. We begin with a short intro to bring us back into the quirk world, in which a baby in China was born glowing, and then all around the world, people with super powers began to be born. Izuku was, however, born without a quirk, but gained the power of All Might, the top hero of the world, known as One for All. Thus, we re-enter his journey in, as he says, how he became the ‘greatest hero in the world’.

We start off directrly from where episode 13 ends, in which a news report details the League of Villians interruption of the events at the U.A High School, and All Might’s views on Izuki himself. It was great to get a small insight into his thoughts on how it felt to mentor the boy, and also pass on his own powers to him, knowing that soon, he will become powerless himself in the process. This is overlayed by a further flashback into season 1, which I felt was also a good thing, even after the airing of episode 00.

It is also in this moment that we see a letter to someone, and find out All Might’s actual name – Toshinori Yagi. As a manga reader, I already knew this, and who the letter is to, but I’m gonna keep that under wraps for a while ;). I am impressed that they incorperated Toshinori’s name in like this, as I felt it was a cute touch.

However, we get straight into the meat of things as we switch to a staff meeting, discussing the former villian attack, in which it’s acknowledged that the villian leader that’s known, Tomura Shigaraki, and his personality, and also how he gathered the allegience of so many villians onto his team (72 – which is pretty amazing all things considered, that the class of about 20 students kicked the ass of so many villians!).

Switching to Izuku, we see his own thoughts in wanting to get stronger, knowing that All Might is weakening. It was nice to see his maturity on that fact.

(I’m also amused they had Katsudon for dinner, considering I ate that for lunch, hehe)

Straight away, we go straight to the Sports Festival, surpising everyone, considering the events that recently took place there with the villians. This event took the place of the Olympics, so it’s considered a massive event, and therefore, everyone is excited to join.

Ochako proves herself to be all the more adorable by revealing the reason she wanted to become a pro hero – to get money to support her failing family’s construction business. As such, she’s ultra fired up for the event, surprising Izuku and Iida. But as All Might calls away Izuku for a lunch invitation, we begin to see how much time All Might has left – and it’s not much.

goddamn gurl

We can tell from this episode alone that there will be more focus on Izuku learning how to control his powers, but I also suspect that some of the focus will also be on Shouto Todoroki, who has the quirk ‘half hot half cold’ and a scar on his face that is worthy of Zuku’s attention (I wonder if the creator was inspired?) as he features prominently in both the opening and ending sequences of this season.

So far, we can also tell that more facts about All Might are going to be revealed, since it seems as though he’s not shying away from Izuku as much when it comes to telling him how it is. He declares that the sports festival is a means for him to show the country, and thus, the world, that he will be the new ‘Symbol of Peace’. How this will be accomplished remains to be seen, but I look forward to it!

I will be blogging this season as well, as I did last season. However, I will be heading to Japan to visit Moe on April 27th, so there will be a break there!

I love how he spits blood everywhere, really

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