Don’t let this face fool you–she’s actually a huge jerk.


Kazuya is a high-schooler who carries around his mom’s obi with him everywhere he goes; as that’s the only thing left that he has to remember her by. He has also been having  strange dreams about a mysterious person leaving him, and he doesn’t understand why.

One day, Kazuya gets attacked by a violent hair monster and nearly falls to his death. Fortunately for him, his mom’s obi comes to life as a blue-haired girl and promptly rescues him. Unfortunately for him, the girl (named Kiriha) has an absolutely rotten personality and claims Kazuya as her “manservant.”

Cue Kazuya trying to live a normal life now that this tsugumogami (object that has gained a spirit) has decided to live with him.

Kazuya is the most generic looking male protag I’ve seen in a long time.

My Opinion:

I cannot believe, that in this year 2017, that we are still getting anime like this. This feels like an anime that would have aired in the late 1990s or early 2000s, because really?

First off, dumb fanservice shenanigans. In the first three minutes of the episode, Kazuya accidentally boob gropes one of his classmates. How? He had been startled awake so this reaction (the boob grabbing) feels… dumb and contrived??? AND THAT’S NOT ALL! He also accidentally sees said classmate’s underwear too. Fantastic. I felt like five years of my life had been shaved off just from that scene. But if you thought that was bad, that’s nothing compared to the bathing scene that happens later on, where it’s implied that Kiriha molests Kazuya. Because female on male sexual abuse is fine and dandy and also funny??? Fuck you.

I also cannot stand the abused main male character trope. Seriously, everyone beats up on Kazuya, for basically no reason. Okay, so the first time, it was because he “accidentally” grabbed a girl’s boobs. But Kiriha just abuses him because she can. And there’s also a scene where a teacher scolds him, which was kind of wtf? I also can’t stand Kiriha’s personality. Can we please stop pretending that the “awful asshole” personality is palatable just because it’s been given to a female character? Haruhi basically ruined that character archetype for me forever.

The animation quality of this show so far is decent, but the art style still feels like a 1990s/2000s anime rather than something that is currently airing in 2017. Not to mention how badly the story has been introduced to us. Kazuya gets attacked by the hair monster/spirit with basically no build-up or foreshadowing. It just… happens??? Way to feel like a forced plot point!

Overall, this I hated this series. I hear that it does get a lot “darker” later on, but this sort of cliched fanservice is off-putting. I actually felt kind of dirty watching this anime.

Out of five:


Just a half rating.

I hate that I wasted half an hour of my life on this.