That’s it, that’s the plot of this entire series.


This series is basically Death Note, if Death Note were actually a harem series, had shitty characters, and stupid cliched unfunny “comedy.”



My Opinion:

And I thought Tsugumomo was bad. Well this series… this series just takes the cake. I nearly quit halfway through because of how bad it was. This series is painfully anime. Never before have I seen a series play cliched anime archetypes so straight. We have, let’s see…

-The bland male lead
-The annoying female otaku character who is obsessed with BL
-The Yandere
-The little sister in love with their older sibling

And the sad thing is, that’s LITERALLY all there is to these characters’ personalities. The plot of Renai Boukun is paper thin, because the stupid “Love Note” is obviously meant just to be a plot device for “funny” anime shenanigans. I mean, kudos to the creator of the series for being so blatant about copying the Death Note notebook (it’s even called out right at the beginning of the episode) but geeze.

There is more to comedy than just parodying things. Also, as much as this anime revels in cliched anime tropes, that alone does not make a series funny. Calling out cliched anime tropes is only funny if the tropes are being subverted. Renai Boukun plays everything painfully straight. I guess it is kind a subversion that the little sister character is in fact in love with her older sister, but that does not make things any less creepy/disturbing/squicky/etc.

At least the animation for this show is on the higher end of things. However, the… everything else was kind of abysmal. This series needs to learn to slow down–everything happens far too fast. A lot of bad comedy anime also mistakenly think that “putting as much stuff into the episode time limit as possible” makes for a “fun” show. It doesn’t. Stop doing that. Ditto with all the characters yelling. YELLING DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE THE COMEDY.

Final verdict: This series is bad.

Out of five, I give:


I’m going to shoot this series into THE SUN