Another anime set in the countryside.


Yoshino Koharu is a 20-year-old woman who was born in the countryside and is now attempting to find her place in life in the city. Despite applying to over 30 companies she’s still unable to land a job. As she meanders through life, she fondly remembers an event in her childhood where she was crowned a queen.

One night, after being rejected from yet another job and reaching the end of her allowance from home, Yoshino suddenly receives a call for some sort of odd job. Since she’s desperate, Yoshino decides to take on the job, which has her traveling to a small countryside town called Manoyama. The job is some sort of “hometown revival project,” and Yoshino is crowned the “Queen” of the village in a small ceremony.

Yoshino unfortunately fails to thoroughly read her contract, which states that she will stay and be the Queen of the village for a full year. Upset at her fate, Yoshino tries to run back home to Tokyo but fails to due to lack of train service. Meanwhile, the director and assistant of the tourism board attempt to get her to stay. At the end of the episode, Yoshina still remains unconvinced. But she does find out that, *plot twist* she was crowned queen in this very same village all those years ago.

As far as anime character designs go, Yoshino (pink-haired girl) has a pretty cute design for a main character.

My Opinion:

I pleasant anime, although I found it just a tad too slow-paced for my liking. I’ve never really found anime with the “hometown revival project” theme very interesting. I’ve seen far too many of them by now that it feels a bit tiresome. Most of their plots are all the same: young girl(s) are tasked with being the face of some kind of tourism project. At least the “girls” in this case are all 20-something women, which is slightly refreshing.

I did like that Yoshino’s troubles were fairly realistic. And the main characters, Yoshino and Shiori, have pretty nice character designs at least. But personality-wise, everyone seems a little… bland? Yoshino is just the “I hate the countryside, it’s boring!” girl. Shiori, as sweet as she is, is also just that: a nice girl with not much else. Obviously they’ll likely be fleshed out more as the series goes on. Still, I wish that this anime didn’t rely so much on making characters “quirky”; i.e. the director of the tourism board and the manager for the dorm house that Yoshino stays at. When there’s characters as realistic as Yoshino and Shiori, having these sorts of quirky characters kind of throws off the balance of the series.

Admittedly, the last few minutes of the episode did make me laugh, because of how stupid the director’s attempt at making Yoshino stay was. But beyond that the series failed to capture my interest. The animation quality is fairly nice for most of the episode, but there were a few scenes where the characters kinda looked off-model.

Overall, an okay episode. I really doubt that this will be a fanservice-heavy series; and the characters are all at least adults so there (probably) won’t be any teen angst or petty drama. The fairy-tale twist on the whole “revival project” thing is also a neat touch. I can see this being a nice anime to watch after a hard day’s work or something. Not my kind of thing, but it shows promise.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Because it was still a relatively painless watch; I’m just not interested in these types of plots.

Yoshino apparently kept that hairstyle all her life.