Cos it just wouldn’t be a new anime season without Fantasy-Germany.

Heine Wittgenstein did not go to university, is apparently a common nobody, and also looks like a ten year old boy despite being an adult man. None of these things exactly scream prestige and expertise, yet he is specifically summoned by the king of the kingdom of Granzreich for the role of Royal Tutor. It’s an incredibly presitigious and lofty job intended for only the cream of the cop, so it’s currently a mystery why he got the job, but it might have something to do with the incredibly high turnover rate.

No one seems to want to admit that the four princes that Heine is going to have to teach are turning away tutor after tutor not because they are too brilliant, but because they’re spoilt little shits that no one wants to put up with. While each of the brothers are different – Leo is a spoilt tsundere with too much pride, Licht is a playful playboy who doesnt take anything seriously, Bruno is calm, cold and sharp-tongued, and Kai is just (silent) rage incarnate – they all have one thing in common: they hate tutors, and they’re determined to send Heine packing just like the rest.

Heine is undeterred and sets about trying to deal with each of the boys in turn with his characteristic deadpan manner. The first order of business is to arrange an interview with each of them separately in order to try to get to know them, and he ends up with Leo first. Leo is incredibly childish and throws a whole load of tantrums due to his hatred of studying, but Heine eventually manages to get him to take a pop quiz.

‘Ok guys, places! Gotta make sure we’re all posing right the second he opens the door. Three, two…now!’

I’m gonna be blunt, I was ready to write this show off as empty fujoshi-bait during the first half of it as it reminded me an awful lot of Kuroshitsuji (which I never liked) somehow, and the characters were all pretty annoying. But then the second half the episode was entirely about Leo, and…dammit. Leo’s goddamn cute. I have a huge weakness for tsundere crybabies (why do you think Waver Velvet is my favourite anime character), and he really does it for me. His attempts to be cool that keep backfiring and making him look lamer only makes me like him more. This is what moe is to me, alright. I’ve watched far worse shows for single characters so I’m pretty tempted to keep watching this for him if only to see what kind of development he gets, because right now literally no one else in this show interests me at all

It’s not that I particularly disliked the rest, it’s just another of those shows that I watch approaching the age of 30 when I get this weird feeling of ”man this would be so much more fun if I was 15′. Impossibly beautiful boys in impossible beautiful and lavish western architecture is a pretty mouldy cliche in the female otaku/fujoshi handbook by now. Most of the characters lines and interactions feel very samey and there’s a lot of sudden random chibi moments. There’s also a whole lot of animation effort put into making the boys pose and preen so that they can steal the hearts of viewers, and its honestly just always hard for me to take that kind of thing seriously when they’re goddamn 14 or whatever, because I don’t want these tiny babies to be my husbandos, I want to ruffle their hair and make fun of them and put them in detention. But again, I’m hardly the target audience here.

I think the character animation was pretty good (particularly with Leo’s snootiness and tantrums) but something about the setting – the giant palace and the generic NotGermany town (seriously, why is it always Germany?), just felt kinda bland and mechanical. It was almost like it was drawn from some kind of template.

If the premise interests you I think it’s at least worth a look, especially if you’re shallow like me and will watch anything so long as at least a single character presses your moe points. I’m at least sticking around for a little while to find out more about the other boys, as I feel like I can’t really make a concrete decision on the show’s quality until I’ve seen all their interviews. Right now it’s just ”ok”.

What a spoilt little shit, I wanna flick him on the nose and squeeze his cheeks.