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Meguru is a girl who has moved to Tokyo from her small island hometown in order to attend a prestigious academy. After having gotten a glimpse of the Twin Angel girls, Meguru makes it her goal to become a hero.

While preparing for school in her dorm room, Meguru finds a strange medal that merges into her hand. She’s surprised by this, but as the medal has disappeared into her hand she can’t really do anything about it. When school finally starts, Meguru is greeted warmly by her classmates. However, the long-haired Sumire treats her coldly.

Those two girls on the left look like they should be in a totally different anime.

Later that day, there’s a special performance being given at the school by a man with a shamisen. The man turns out to be a part of some evil organization that’s attempting to drain the liveliness of Meguru’s classmates. It’s during this moment that Meguru suddenly meets with a talking hedgehog named “Milk-chan”, and transforms into magical girl Angel Rose!

Unfotunately, she’s still a newbie at the magical girl business, and so is nearly defeated by the evil man with the shamisen. Fortunately, another magical girl clad in blue comes to her aid and manages to defeat the baddie. The magical girl turns out to be Sumire. However, Sumire claims that she only wanted to have a rematch with the man, and has no intention of ever becoming a magical girl again.

The most cliched of magical girl cliches.

My Opinion:

Hey guys, remember when I reviewed the full series of that slot machine game turned into a magical girl anime? Twin Angel Break is a sequel of sorts to that anime, starring two new girls to take on the Twin Angel role.

As a sequel to the original Twin Angel series, I feel like this is a step down. Sure, the animation is slightly better than the original anime, but I don’t really like the new direction they’re taking with this series. The only reason I bothered with Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise in the first place was because it was dumb and silly and sort of made fun of magical girl tropes. Twin Angel Break so far is following the magical girl formula a bit too strictly and seriously. What happened to the comedy aspect of the series?

As a magical girl anime… Twin Angel Break is okay? It’s definitely on the lower-tier of magical girl anime, I think. There’s far too many clichés already, such as the haughty “dark-haired magical girl.” I do like that Meguru is so incompetent as a magical girl, because she’s just starting out so it’d be unrealistic for her to be good at her job already. But the number of flaws present in this show certainly outweigh the positives. The side characters all manage to be unbelievably bland even though they’re obviously meant to be “quirky.” The action in this series is also “so bad it’s good.” Fight scenes are ridiculously slow, and the fight choreography is laughably bad. It’s just… not a very entertaining series to watch because of how slow-paced everything is. And Meguru’s outfit is also kind of cringey. She’s like 15??? Why is her magical girl outfit so fanservicey? It bothers me a lot because the previous Twin Angels all had fairly modest outfits. What the hell happened? Also, why does the hedgehog mascot character have anime eyes?

I honestly can’t shake the feeling that this Twin Angel reboot was an attempt at the Precure formula. “Precure has made new magical girl shows for years, why can’t we do the same?” Unfortunately for the Twin Angel people, Precure was actually interesting even though it was aimed at a younger audience. I have no idea who the Twin Angel series is aimed at. When your fight scenes are worse than the most terrible ones in Precure, you know you’ve messed up.

Anyway, I still find it kind of charming in how generically “magical girl anime” this is. Then again, I’m a magical girl fan so I think I’m more willing to forgive a series for re-treading some tired magical girl tropes. Definitely not gonna bother blogging this (I don’t want to suffer through disappointment again), but I might keep up with this series on the side. Unless you’re a hardcore magical girl anime fan, I don’t think you would want to waste your time on something like this.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

That pose is… uh… It could definitely be better.