‘The gimmicky character design conference shall now commence.’

Aichi Private Academy used to be a girl’s school, but recently it’s gone co-ed. When this happened all the girls feared for their safety, because it’s apparently impossible for girls and boys to coexist in the same space without the girls being molested, and so permission was given to the girls to allow them to be armed at all times and to be able to beat the boys into submission. No one does this better than a group of 5 girls with cosplay-ready animetastic designs, led by the mask-wearing Onigawara Rin. The boys are thus ‘corrected’ and forced to wear makeup and thus be emasculated, in order to fit in with the girls. Because the boys are also mostly all delinquents, it also serves as a way to reform them.
The new delinquent in the school presents a challenge for them, because he’s too powerful, thinks he’s hot shit and refuses to comply with either of the two options given to him – either surrender and be emasculated and accept the matriarchy of the school, or leave. Instead, he ends up fighting the girls, and then accidentally kisses Rin and thus breaks through her ice queen facade to reveal her feminine side and honestly, seriously, who actually gives a shit.

Girls if you’d just let him leave then the anime could have ended early.

Good lordy dordy I’ve seen a fair few crappers during the First Impression runs recently but it’s been quite a while that I saw a show so utterly infuriating as this one. If you didn’t pick it up from the synopsis: this show is stupid, frankly kinda offensive and it fucking sucks. It’s got a stupid plot, it’s got stupid characters, literally none of it makes a goddamn molecule of sense and the entire thing is basically one big giant misogynerd ‘weeeh weeh matriarchy wants to emasculate men weeeh’ wankfest. That isn’t just me reading too much into things, that is literally what the show is. It’s also no coincidence that the ’emasculated’ men all look like transphobic caricactures.

As ‘tough’ as this matriarchy is though, it’s still made up of a bunch of tittering ditzy girls who can’t seem to do anything right. Good thing Mr Delinquent Whatshisface is here to show them the light! He even got to kiss one of them and transform her from a stoic warrior into a blushing moeblob.

If it sounds like I’m being too hard on a show that is ‘obviously not meant to be taken seriously’, the thing is…it really seems like you’re meant to. It doesn’t always present itself as a comedy, and when it does the humour is incredibly lazy and mostly ridiculous lines that come out of nowhere, like the delinquent guy talking about how he is a nipple-wrestling champion (LOL SO RANDOM!), or the fact that the school has a bear for some reason and it continuously reminds us of this fact because…random? LOL its a bear, bears aren’t in schools, that’s so silly! What is the point in this, exactly? Besides, whether its meant to taken seriously or a dumb comedy, it’s still shit. It’s so ridiculously stupid that the more offensive subtext doesn’t even immediately register as offensive, just completely idiotic.


Out of 5,