This is all very weird to me now.

If you haven’t heard of Naruto, then on one hand, you’ll be going into this series very confused. On the other – where have you been the last two decades?

Boruto is the continuation of Naruto that no one asked for. It focus’s on Naruto’s son, Boruto (very inventive name, lol) and his adventures following the 4th Ninja war. The first episode starts with a short forward look into what we can assume is Naruto being dead, Boruto being grown, and fighting his own version of Sasuke with weird clan symbols on both his arms and Boruto’s. I have mixed feelings about this from the start, all things considered (that and the original writer for Naruto isn’t on this show as far as I’m aware, so this is for all intents and purposes, all original content.

It starts with Boruto going to the Ninja Academy for the first day, and it really is a bit of a flashback to the days of old, the first episode of Naruto in much the same light, although Boruto doesn’t seem to like his dad so much, which is a shame really. Boruto has everything that Naruto did not – a family and friends. Though, I suppose the chip off the old block approach has a neat approach, though I hope he learns otherwise. I mean, one doesn’t go through nearly a 1000 old Naruto episodes to essentially watch a new Naruto take the stage, right? Right.


It’s interesting to see how much more modern the Hidden Leaf village, including a train and TV’s and whatnot around the place. It sure is different from what us Naruto fans could’ve ever expected from a sequel, not that many of us ever expected one.

As for the episode itself, it follows Boruto around being a little shit, who then finds a boy (Denki) being bullied, who then try to get to the Academy on time, though something takes over Denki’s body. A snake (OROCHIMARU STYLE) of sorts, but who knows what it really is.

There’s not a lot to say about this episode except I was super pleased to see Konohamaru all grown up and not taking crap from Boruto. It was, overall, a fun episode, but I don’t feel especially drawn to watch more of it, mostly because I feel like this take on the ninja world is a bit too…. shall I say, different? From the ninja world that I grew up with as a teen. Call me a purist, but I leave this Naruto anime to the next generation. 😉

Shikamaru looks so much like his dad though that my HEART HURTS thinking how he died god….

Out of 5,