A First Impression: Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records – 01

And to think this looked so good from this alone….

A lot of the times I go into these first impressions completely blind as to what to expect, so whenever I load up an anime I’ve been randomly assigned, it’s usually a mystery as to what it’s going to be about, the anime quality, and everything else in between.

This season, I chose to review this one because of the ridiculous school uniforms the girls were wearing. What’s more ridiculous is the era of time when this is apparently shot, which is a more older times from back in the 1900’s. Why they chose such ridiclous outfits is anyone’s guess, especially as the male students aren’t wearing some ridiculous outfit. It’s even funnier when you see horse drawn carriages and the non attendants at the school (the woman) wearing era appropiate clothing.

Instead we get this.

Aside from that, there’s much to complain about. We have some ridiculous characters – the two female leads and the male one. The male one ends up being a teacher, who is for all intents and purposes, a pervert and an idiot. It’s really a shame, because other than some glaring issues with this anime from the get go, this could’ve been half decent an anime. From the witch in bondage outfit, to the dude who looks like he stepped out of Fullmetal Alchemist, to the moronic principal. There’s some lesbian action which is queer baiting as hell, and the teacher barging in on all of his female students in their underwear.

Overall, this anime is an episode I honestly tried to get past the first episode on, but I could only really pay attention to the first half before I realised this wasn’t to my taste. I knew it’d be a bad one from the ridiculous outfits alone, but he turns out to completely suck at magic.

Either way the whole anime was completely stupid, and I’m going to dunk my head in bleach now.

Out of 5,

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