That is such an incredibly cute hat… too bad she doesn’t keep it.


The episode starts out with a red-haired girl falling from an airship, before rewinding back in time a bit.

In an unknown year, there is a fantasy world filled with floating islands and airships, and inhabited mostly by monsters and animal-people. Humans are called “disfeatured” and great prejudice exists against them. One day, a man named Willem bumps into a strange human girl with blue hair. They stick together for a bit as Willem helps the girl see the town from a giant tower. At the end of the day, the girl is promptly collected by some animal guards; and although he’s curious, Willem decides not to poke his nose into it.

Our main character.

Later on, Willem gets a job to guard some special weapons. As the job listing is looking specifically for a “disfeatured” person, Willem is the perfect guy for the job. When he gets to the supposed weapons warehouse, he’s surprised to see a fancy mansion. After bumping into a past acquaintance (a troll lady) and meeting with some young human girls, he eventually meets with the blue-haired girl again. The blue-haired girl reveals that all the humans at the mansion are the last remnants of the human race, and also that they are the “weapons” he’ll be guarding.

In an after-credits scene, we find out that Willem may somehow possibly be over 500 years old.

Color-coded for your convenience.

My Opinion:

Okay, so I’m not actually sure if blue-haired girl and the other girls are actually human, (I’ve seen different sources list them as fairies or even… leprechauns???) so I’m only calling them “human” in this review for the sake of brevity.

Anyway this series is called “Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?” which Crunchyroll has translated as: “What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?” That is an absurdly long title (it’s based on a light novel so of course it’s absurdly long) so I’m just going to call it “Sukasuka,” which is what Japanese fans seem to refer to it as.

As a first episode, I guess the series is alright? It’s basically stated outright that a great war against… something nearly wiped out all of humanity, making Willem and possibly the girls the last few remaining human survivors. So this is essentially some kind of post-apocalyptic anime. I do like that for a post-apocalyptic series, the world is still inhabited, just not by humans. The setting appears to be your typical European fantasy setting, but the scenery is pretty lovely so far.

As a main character, Willem is alright. He apparently used to run some kind of orphanage, but all the kids died and now he’s sort of a wreck of a human being, or something. Thankfully he doesn’t go full-on angst mode and is still a pretty pleasant person. His relationship with the young girls so far is pretty cute; and it’s obvious he’s taken care of kids before. All the other characters, including the blue-haired girl named “Chtholly” haven’t really gotten much screentime yet so I can’t really say anything about their personalities yet. Although Willem only meets with four of the girls, the ED implies that there’ll be a lot more girls; so I’m a little worried about how the series will manage to develop them all in a 12-episode series. (I’m guessing they probably won’t.)

As much as I wanted to like this series, I can’t help feeling kind of “meh” about it. The plot isn’t bad, but… I don’t know, there’s just some subtle pretentiousness that I can’t get over. The episode starts with some incredibly weird monologue that was probably meant to be “deep.” And also the characters sure like to talk a lot about some sort of pseudo philosophical stuff, which is probably meant to make them sound smart but just makes them all sound incredibly pretentious. Real people… do not talk like this??? Although that can likely be forgiven because this is post-apocalyptic fantasy land.

The episode really went downhill for me after the mid-way point, because that’s when some dumb anime bullshit started appearing. We are introduced to a lady who looks human, but is actually a troll. The way it’s revealed has got to be the most badly forced exposition scene I have ever witnessed. Again, I ask, who talks like this??? Also, she’s mostly there just to be Ms. Fanservice and won’t shut up about wanting to literally eat Willem, because she’s a troll and trolls eat humans or something. Whatever. The next episode preview also does not look promising. Like, okay. I knew from the beginning that Willem and Chtholly would be the end-game couple, but did we need to use the dumb “guy falls on top of girl while she’s naked, somehow” trope. Ugh.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad series, but I didn’t find it great either. The animation is at least pretty decent. The series is rather slow-paced, which makes all the “wacky” anime stuff stand out like a sore thumb. Just judging from first episode’s opening minutes (and yes, I know “red-haired girl” is actually Chtholly), this series will likely be tragic. I’m a bit disappointed since I was actually mildly interested in this series. But after watching the first episode, it’s unlikely I’ll have the motivation to stick with this.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Award for the most awkwardly forced exposition goes to…