Fushimi Tsukasa, in a meeting with his editor, suddenly slammed his fist on the table as hard as he could. The editor jumped.
“I wanna fuck little sisters so bad.” Tsukasa said, gritting his teeth.
“I am aware.” replied his editor. Tsukasa had, after all, written an entire series – My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, about precisely that.
“You don’t understand. I want everyone to know how bad I wanna fuck little sisters. ” Tsukasa continued, becoming more and more agitated. “I don’t think people yet understand the extent to which this fetish consumes me. I have to write another series about this. I just have to. I didn’t get it all out of my system and everyone needs to know this is literally all I can write.
He put his head in his hands, deep in thought.
“But I can’t think of how to make it creepy enough.”
The editor wasn’t listening, because he was willing to publish any garbage the man churned out. After all, he knew as well as anyone else that sticking the man’s infamous name on literally anything was going to make him rich.
“What if….what if I make the sister twelve this time.” Tsukasa said, breathing even heavier. “I can make some bullshit plot about a famous light novel author who is 15, and he has just found out that his illustrator he always collaborated with has been his 12-year-old sister all this time!”
“Don’t you think making her 12 is…a little too creepy?” The editor said, deep in thought. “I mean, obviously you’re going to present her as the latest otaku fucktoy, right?”
“Oh, you have a point.” Tsukasa was silent for a few seconds. “I know, they can be not technically blood-related.”
The editor shrugged.  He’d already sold his soul years ago and no more shits left to give.

The main character’s editor, however, may be the single likable character in this.

What seems like eons ago, I once reviewed the aforementioned OreImo on this very blog, under the impression that the series was actually a parody of the little sister fetish and was actually going to be about siblings developing a nice platonic bond. To this date, I have never been more wrong about anything in my entire life, and I’m still mad years after I dropped that show like a bag of shit on fire. Fool me once shame on me, Fushimi Tsukasa, but I ain’t falling for your festering bullshit this time.

What’s the most aggravating to me about this is that despite a few cosmetic and plot changes, and lowering the age of the sister, this is the exact goddamn same fucking show. The main character even looks the same. The sister is still a spoilt little shit that treats him like dirt, he’s still a doormat that likes her for some reason, the little sister had some big otaku-related secret she hid from her brother that she gets embarrassed about, it’s all the same shit with a new coat of paint. I thought the hype for that goddamn sister fetish show was finally dead and gone forever, and now I have to put up with its evil spectre returning to haunt me. It even has the exact same illustrator and art style so the characters literally look like they could be in each other’s shows. I cannot believe this author is so obsessed with this creepyass fetish that he had to write the same goddamn story twice and barely changed a thing.

At least the art and animation is nice, but it was for OreImo too, and to be honest that just makes me angrier when I think of all the other shows that deserved this kind of budget.

gotta admit that last one is a pretty sick burn

Out of 5,
Nothing. I’d give it half a melonpan for the art/animation but now just seeing Kanzaki Hiro’s distinctive art style makes me rage on sight so you get nothing, Eromanga Sensei, not even a humorous picture of a toilet, because I already used that one and the effort to find another humorous picture to post is more effort than you deserve.