Try not to cringe: the anime.


Nino Arisugawa, nicknamed “Alice”, is a girl who has honed her singing voice since she was a kid. She used to be friends with two boys, but they all ended up parting ways for one reason or another.

Now in high school, Alice is finally reunited with one of them, after discovering that they are part of a light music club. Yuzu is the guitarist and composer of a band, which has two other musicians and a girl named Miou as the vocalist. Although Yuzu acts coldly towards Alice at first, he soon warms up to her after she reveals how much she’s grown as a singer.


Seeing Alice and Yuzu grow closer together causes Miou to become jealous and ditch on a rather important school concert. Because the light music club needs to put on a stellar performance or risk being cancelled by the student council, Alice is quickly recruited to take Miou’s place. Alice is almost unable to sing, as the chorus’ club (performing before them) sings a song that causes Alice to remember some painful memories of a boy named “Momo” who suddenly disappeared from her life. However, she eventually finds the motivation to sing so that “her voice can reach Momo” and she sings her heart out.

Unbeknownst to Alice, “Momo” may be closer to her than she realizes.

will it ever be explained just why Alice always wears a mask

My Opinion:

The teen angst is strong with this series. This was… a very cringey first episode. Maybe it just shows how old I’ve gotten, but I can’t really relate to this sort of teen drama anymore. What is it with girls in shoujo anime never letting go of their childhood crushes? It’s not as romantic of a trope as people seem to think it is. Seriously, girl; you need to more on. It’s not healthy to devote your entire life to obsessing over one boy???

The two main characters in this series so far are pretty badly characterized and I have so many questions. Just what IS Alice’s personality? Case in point, she cries a lot when finally meeting with Yuzu again, but when he rebuffs her later she’s just cool with it? What??? Why is she always wearing a face mask? Will this ever be explained, or is this just meant to serve as super forced “symbolism” since she only takes off the mask to sing? Does she intentionally try to distance herself from others since she rarely bothers to talk to other people and seems to like being left alone? Also, Yuzu is infuriating. He acts warmly towards Alice at first but then goes “don’t ever talk to me again”??? But of course he goes back on that super quickly by the end of the episode, and then becomes super possessive of Alice? Which is kind of gross??? It’s obvious that Alice likes Momo a lot more so oh boy, FORCED LOVE TRIANGLE!

Everything about this series is melodramatic. Miou ditching the concert is… stupid but at least kind of understandable since she’s upset that Yuzu’s with another girl. But I don’t get why so much forced “stakes” are being put into this series. The light music club will be shut down just because of one bad concert? Really??? Isn’t that unnecessarily harsh for a high school music club, where the teens obviously aren’t professionals? Also, why the hell is a high school chorus club singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, of all songs? Because it just happens to be the song that triggers Alice’s bad memories, of course. /sarcasm

Alice’s singing towards the end of the episode is pretty bad. From what I’ve read up on Fukumenkei Noise, her singing is SUPPOSED to be bad at this part, since she’s never officially performed before. Alright, fair enough. But what gets me about this performance is that all the other classmates rave on and on about how great her singing is. WHAT????????????

Overall, too much teen angst and too much cringe. Everything about this series feels awkward… which I’m guessing is the point since teens can be pretty awkward? Animation is also all over the place, and really drops once the performances start because some bad CGI is used to animate the characters. Plus, I don’t think Ryoko Fukuyama’s manga art style lends itself well to an anime format. All the characters’ eyes and mouths look too big and it’s a bit uncanny-valleyish. I think I’m going to stay far away from this series.

Out of five:

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