GATE OF….oh wait wrong show

Ordinary high school student Sota is watching the newest episode of his favorite anime when his tablet blue-screens. Suddenly, he finds himself in the world of the series, watching live as his favorite character Celestia fights a mysterious, powerful enemy. A second blue screen returns him, but also brings Celestia into the real world.

Sota manages to thoroughly confuse Celestia by explaining that, to him, she is a character in a story. The explanation is cut off as Celestia’s mysterious opponent appears and reveals herself as the one who sent Celestia into the real world. She encourages Celestia to come with her and she will explain the truth of the situation, but Celestia refuses.


She doesn’t look nearly as threatening with that glaring weak point staring me in the face

Celestia steals a car and escapes along with a panicking Sota. The enemy pursues them, destroys the car, and engages Celestia in aerial combat. The fight is interrupted by the arrival of another fictional character, the gun-summoning Meteora. Meteora was summoned to the real world previously, and is searching for the creator of her story. Now outmatched, the mysterious enemy disappears. Celestia and Meteora both decide to stay with Sota until they figure out more clearly what is going on.


I didn’t mention it in the review, but her name is apparently Gunpuku. GUNPUKU.

I went into this show with zero expectations, and was surprised to find myself cautiously optimistic. Sure, there are a lot of things about this show so far that scream “generic cookie-cutter anime”. “Powerful female warrior teams up with ordinary high school guy to fight a mysterious white-haired opponent” isn’t exactly the most original premise. Celestia’s outfit is pretty fanservicey (boob window, really?) and Meteora is so far a pretty standard “stoic” type. Sota has so far done nothing to differentiate himself from the endless identical bland protagonists in these types of anime.


I did like how the cover was drawn in a unique style different from the style of the show itself

And yet….I didn’t hate it. Maybe it was the reversal of the standard “ordinary human from Earth is trapped in a fantasy world” trope. Maybe it’s that, as a writer, I find the idea of fictional characters coming to life extremely interesting and appealing. Maybe it’s how the anime that Celestia is from seems to acknowledge and somewhat parody some of the more ridiculous anime tropes, such as weapons with ridiculously long faux-German names. Or maybe it’s simply that the show looks pretty good so far, with high quality animation and a smooth-looking fight scene. (Plus, it sounds great – the soundtrack is by Hiroyuki Sawano, who delivers as always.)

Regardless, I didn’t hate Re: CREATORS nearly as much as I expected. I actually quite liked the first episode and found myself eager to watch more. There’s a lot of places where this show could go wrong (if it turns into a harem, for example), but for now…well, let’s wait and see, and award the surprisingly strong first episode this many Dios:



The Pixiv knockoff was fun too!