for making me have to look at your penciled-on abs

“You” (the viewer) are the manager of a weirdly fancy building. All the inhabitants besides “you” are young men. Takumi is a guy with a fondness for climbing up walls. Aoi is an actor playing a “character” who is either a dramatic fantasy hero or a middle school boy with chuunibyou. Not sure which. Shinya spends the episode in nothing but a towel and has “abs” that look like he drew them on with a Sharpie. After the credits, there’s a scene of Takumi sweating and panting that’s meant to look like he’s having sex with either “you” or one of the other guys, but is probably just him doing some kind of exercise like pushups. Yawn.


I repeat: yawn

This four-minute pile of crap is the latest in a trend of shows such as last season’s One Room and the infamously terrible Pillow Boys. That is, shows where the viewer “participates” as a “character” and is addressed directly by the characters in the show. Probably, these three guys will spend the series flirting with or getting into romantic situations with the viewer. I suppose some people might find that romantic. I’m not one of them.

The three boys presented for your viewing “pleasure” are about as bland as you’d expect the cast of a four-minute short to be. Additionally, they seem to have no perception of personal space, getting way too close to “you” for someone they’ve supposedly just met. The art isn’t any better. Each of them possesses exactly one expression (smile for Aoi, frown for Takumi and smirk for Shinya), and like I said Shinya’s abs literally look drawn on. Unless being “seduced” by poorly drawn, two dimensional, somewhat creepy guys is your jam, stay far, far away from this show.

Only four minutes, and yet managed to feel ten times longer than many other things this season. Out of 5 Dios:



Is what I need to wipe this rubbish from my mind