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The Weinis Kingdom wages an endless holy war against witches, who practice the forbidden arts of “magic” and “sorcery”. Also, sometimes normal people give birth to talking animals called “Beastfallen”. Beastfallen are believed to be connected to witches and are treated cruelly throughout their lives. For this reason, the main character, a white tiger Beastfallen, makes his living hunting witches.

One day, he accidentally helps out a young girl who turns out to be a witch named Zero. She follows him, takes his food, and hires him as a bodyguard. He initially refuses, then accepts when she promises to turn him into a human as payment. Zero and the nameless protagonist set out in search of a missing witch named Thirteen. They are attacked by a wild boar, and Zero takes the opportunity to demonstrate the difference between magic and sorcery. (Magic is much rarer and more powerful, but she can of course do both because she’s the main character.)


Have a generic female protagonist

The boar turns out to have been deliberately set on them by another witch, a young boy called Albus. They have a duel, revealing that Albus can also use magic. Zero explains that the missing Thirteen is in possession of a powerful book, which explains the properties of magic. It was written by her, because, surprise surprise, she’s basically the most powerful magic user ever known.


“I DEMAND TO BE PUT IN A BETTER SHOOOOW” -that boar, probably

Man, I do not like the plot and setting of this show. “Magic” and “sorcery” being two different things (but in practice pretty similar) seemed really unnecessary. It basically only served to make Zero seem “cooler” and “more special” by having her be the most powerful magic user who wrote the book that explains how to use magic. Also, if magic/sorcery is so powerful and only witches are using it, then how they heck are they losing the “holy war”? This world makes so little sense….

Speaking of Zero, she is a lot of my least favorite character tropes rolled into one. She’s very haughty, has a high opinion of herself, and speaks in a pretentious manner. Yet, despite being so powerful, she’s also weak and whiny, demanding the mercenary’s soup and nearly crying when he doesn’t let her use him as a pillow. She’s even got a bit of a tsundere streak, going from calling the tiger mercenary cute to yelling at him over the span of a few seconds. (Also, can we stop naming characters “Zero” to show off how “cool” and “mysterious” they are? It’s just cliche by now.)


Albus managed to leave absolutely zero impression on me, beyond looking like a de-aged Armin Arlert

Sadly, I did quite like the nameless protagonist, and wish he could have been in a much better show. His design is pretty cute (though his clothing is a little odd, especially the “shirt” that leaves his abs uncovered) and the scenes from his childhood showing his bond with his human parents were absolutely adorable. Him facing prejudice for being a beastfallen was “told” rather than “shown,” but was still an interesting plot point – the beastfallen serve what is seen as an important function, hunting witches, but are still treated poorly.

I really did like his character….but, sadly, not enough to continue with the show in light of all the negative points. Especially because there were hints of attraction (blushing, compliments, falling asleep on top of one another) between Zero and the protagonist, which was weird because he’s a giant tiger and she looks all of twelve years old. I’d much rather it just stay a cute friendship bond….

Anyway, this mixed bag of a show gets this many Dios:



The animation style of the ED was pretty darn adorable though