Boku no Hero Academia – 15

Allmight is such a dork

We jump straight into the sports festival, held once a year over the three years that each student is there. We learn how the festival is held, and find out that there are four courses in total at the academy: Management, Support, Hero courses, as well as General Studies. It makes sense that not everyone would want to be fighters of a sort, and might want to make a hero business of sorts with the fighters, and manage them. I like that all of them are included in the festival, and therefore all get the same chance to shine at the event.

Izuku expresses his doubts about being able to match up to All Might, but we all know that eventually he’ll get there, and that’s what matters. I have a soft spot for an anxious protag, especially after watching Yuri on Ice, and while Deku doesn’t match up to our boy Yuuri, he sure comes close.

We get to meet some of the other characters from the other courses and classes in this episode, though how much impact on the series they’ll make is to be seen, as I honestly don’t remember much of them. What I do know however is that seeing some actual ‘threat’ to Class A’s position in their course (as they could be transferred out of the coverted Hero program) adds another layer of tension to the whole thing. It looks like everyone is aiming for the type, and the competition is high this episode.

Ice/fire boy is pretty cool tho

There’s not much to say on character development as far as the characters go, as we get a classic training montage from everyone, from Izuku doing his usual, as well as the others, before we launch straight into the festival. I’m thankful that we didn’t go DBZ style and get 50 episodes of training and powering up, and I’ve always found that boring as hell. I was nice to see it covered in a few minutes as opposed to several hours. Seeing everyone’s powers in action was also great to see. As the show said, time passed in a ‘blink of an eye’.

One thing I like that they retained from the olympics is the souvenier and festival atmosphere that, having attended the Olympics myself, is also true. Souveniers and food are all sold there, just as it was in the show, and it was good to see that continue, even if it wasn’t the anime’s intention. It’s always nice to see themes followed through.

Is this frozen

A decloration of war from Shouto Todoroki – the boy with fire and ice powers, is suddenly declared for reasons unknown as of yet. I knew this season would have more focus on him, so it was nice to see that Izuku both accepted the declaration, and made his own, to give it everything he had. It was nice to see that maturity. Meanwhile, Bakugo’s form of maturity is to step up on stage and declare he will be number one.

Pretty sure that’s gonna backfire in his face, but we’ll see.

And so, task one is an obstical course, which becomes a full on race at this point, with ice man becoming in first place by blasting everyone with ice and freezing them in place. And then they get attacked by robots, which is always fun. And then getting rid of all of the robots with his ice powers, and spreading mist through everyone else to crush them – it’s clear that Todoroki is one powerful kid. And, knowing what I know about him, it’ll be interesting to see how Izuku matches up to him.

Its ok Izuku u can do it

Out of 5,

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