The scenery is alright I guess

Fantasy RPG style meets anime? I guess. There’s not much to say about this one either tbh.

Imagine Gaia Online was turned into an anime – you know how generally most of the stuff is really really boring with only tiny moments of excitement? That’s about how it goes with this show. It’s very slice of life mixed in with this RPG style, so I’d say this is the kind of anime that is a very aquired taste. Fans of Gaia Online might like it, but that’s just a guess as I’ve never played it.

There’s very little to go into as far as plot goes, because as far as I could gather, aside from the world building in the first minute of the show, there’s not really any plot to speak of apart from: guild goes on quests, battle trolls, wash rinse repeat.

That gender ambiguous character tho

So yeah, as much as I’d like to write more for my reviews (as I know that is a weakness of mine) there is just…. nothing here. Even the cube anime had more to say for itself because it built up the mystery and suspence nicely.

I must say, though, that the variety of designs was nice.

And this guy was cute

Out of 5;