Let’s hope that’s paint.

Ah, the new school term. The crisp new uniform, the cherry blossoms in full bloom, the hall full of delinquents beating the shit out of eachother…wait, what?
Our protag has just entered Shishiku Private Academy, an infamous school for delinquents where nothing really seems to happen other than said delinquents beating the shit out of eachother. Most are featureless background characters,  but some of these delinquents are allowed to look like otome game style characters and that’s how we know they’re main characters. These impossibly pretty boys are also apparently among the strongest, and they’re all currently in a brawl to see who can rise to the top. Among the newcomers, there’s said to be one boy in particular that everyone has to watch out for due to his reputation – Hikaru Onigashima.
It comes as a surprise to one of them that Hikaru turns out to be the protag, who is clueless, soft-spoken and apparently has no idea why all these boys just can’t be friends. However, ‘Hikaru’ has a secret – she’s actually not really Hikaru, she’s his sister who he sent to the school in his place to pretend to be him and make it to the top.

Hikaru or not she’s flippin cute.

Although I’ve never played the game this is supposedly based on, I did know beforehand that’s a Spike Chunsoft otome dating sim that stars a crossdressing girl as the lead. Her gender reveal is treated as the twist of the episode, which was kinda anticlimatic given that it’s right there in the title of the show (I mean sure if you can’t understand Japanese maybe not, but the official english title is ‘Girl Beats Boys’ so whatever). To be fair, though, this show is 7 minutes long.

I don’t really know why it’s 7 minutes long – I’m glad it’s not 5, or even worse, 3, but there really isn’t a lot to go on here. Hikaru (even though that’s not her name she seems to want to adopt it and I don’t think her actual name was given at all unless I missed it) is a likable protagonist and a nice twist for such a stale genre as otome-game anime, although her brother’s motivations for sending her to this school are completely unclear. Also unclear is how she had no idea what the school was, yet still manages to hold her own in a fight.

There’s nothing much to say about the art except that its decent enough and the designs, while nothing special, are solid. The main problem is that so much of the run time is dedicated to an opening and ending, which don’t even look good – especially the opening which is literally just colours and credits for most of it. Maybe they just hadn’t finished it yet at the time of airing, but it sure is crappy-looking.

I really don’t know where this is going – is she going to beat up all the boys? Does each route in this game let you beat up a different boy and then date him? It seems kinda ridiculous, but it’s also unique enough for me to want to watch a little more.

‘I found my calling, and that’s beating up generic otome boys.’

Out of 5,