This anime is super NSFW, just sayin’

Well, we get censor bars everywhere with this show. We also get female!Satan, female!Lucifer and her whore sidekick Leviathan (literally – she wants nothing more than to literally get into Luci’s panties the second they meet).

I…. honestly do not know what to make of this anime whatsoever. All I can say for sure is there are two sides of the story – one from Maria, the human who sees Lucifer before she falls to hell – and from Lucifer herself, as she proceeds to conquer hell for herself. And that’s pretty much all that happens, really.

I know they’re demons so I guess this shit happens

I can’t really say much for the characters because they’re all extremely shallow with nothing of interest to write home about. It’s basically a ton of fanservice wrapped up in christian lore with nothing of interest to show for it. I’m not too thrilled that they give nuns mini skirts and feel each other up, like god, I’m not religious or anything but freaking christ that’s some disrespect right there. Even freaking Highschool DxD did it better.

Anyway, it’s a pretty shit anime all around and tbh I’m not really keen to write more on a blatant Highschool DxD ripoff.

That’s not a nun outfit like jfc

Out of 5;