Boku no Hero Academia – 16

He’s still a dork and still my fave

Following a short intro that goes through the events of the previous episode, and the declaration of war from Shouto, we are now faced with the situation where he is way out in front, and everyone else is facing the rest of the robots. Luckily, Eijiro, whose power is hardening, and Tetsutetsu (whose last name is ALSO Tetsutetsu, lol) was able to get through them fairly easily, along with Bakugo with his explosive fists. Frankly, I’m surprised they don’t just call him Rocket Man at this stage.

Even Izuru is able to get through them with practised ease from simply using his physical strength. I was glad to see that so far, there was a lot of emphasis on some of the new characters, including some ridiculous ones.

these two pffft

The second half covers the rope course, which was kind of hilarious with Izuku carrying his ridiculous pieces of robot armour with him on his back. But it does come in handy for the third course, which is covered in flashy, explosive mines that aren’ty dangerous, but do through the students into the air quite far, which Izuku of course, in true shounen hero style, uses to his full advantage in quite a cool way.

If anything, the one thing I like about him is he really is a true underdog. So many characters have super flashy quirks, like Bakugo and Shouto – whereas at the moment Izuku can only get through on his brains since he still cant really use One for All very much without grevious harm to himself. And as it turns out, he ends up in first place with the multi course event. I was so proud of my boy for accomplishing that, using nothing but his own guts and his own intelligence. Although he disses himself by saying it’s just luck, the impression on the audience says otherwise.

From on top of the world…

The next battle is a calvary battle, and Izuku, for coming first, has a point value of 10 million. He’s feeling the pressure, and honestly, the ridiculous-ness of it is rather hysterical to me. But then again, this anime is all about that imo.

This episode was fun, and it was great to see Izuku really succeed under his own power!

…to in hells handbasket – good luck Izuku!

Out of 5;

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