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I kinda miss reviewing stuff after having a break last season, and I almost thought that nothing decent was gonna air this season either. Luckily, even though this show is far from perfect I ended up liking eps 2 and 3 of Oushitsu Kyoushi just enough for it to be my blogging show. Will it be decent? Will it be disappointing? Who knows, that’s what reviews are for.

Continuing from the first episode, Heine still has three more princes to meet in private. Next on the agenda is Bruno. But instead of merely having Heine test him, he wishes to test the tutor, and competes against him in various areas from academics to even music. He is flabbergasted to find that Heine manages to best him in every single area. What’s more, Heine is also the only one who is able to appreciate his essay and give him tips on improving it, which earns him Bruno’s undying respect and admiration. His opinion on the tiny tutor does a complete 180 and now he is determined to follow his new ‘master’ to the ends of the earth.

The next boy is Licht, who takes a break from his fangirls for long enough to do the test. While Licht appears frivolous and playful, he soon reveals himself to be the most cunning of the brothers, to the extent that while he doesn’t seem to dislike Heine, he definitely doesn’t entirely trust him.

The eldest brother Kai turns out to be the most different to Heine’s initial impression – he’s not angry and scary, he just has an intense stare and is a complete teddybear on the inside. He turns out to be the easiest of the brother’s to win over.

Gotta admit I did…not expect to see a face like this on Bruno in the first episode.
does this…happen often…?

As I said in the First Impression review, I would have been prepared to watch all of this because I love Leo so much, as none of the other brothers interested me and what I saw of them in episode one didn’t make them look like particularly decent characters. Just like with Heine, my first impressions on them were completely wrong. Except for Licht, anyway, he’s still basically the same as he was in the first episode, just more cunning. To tell the truth, I still don’t particularly like Licht at all but considering I didn’t expect to like anyone other than Leo, 3/4 ain’t bad. 

I didn’t expect to like Bruno as much as I did but his sudden transformation into Heine-fanboy amused me a lot. It’s something that has a lot of comedy potential so I really hope they utilize it right, as it also runs the risk of being repetitive. As for Heine revealing himself to be an ace at everthing, I don’t really have a problem with it. With some other characters it would be pretty annoying and ‘gary-stueish’, but if Heine is supposed to be the best tutor around it makes sense. Furthermore, I think it works well given his personality. A smarmy smug-faced guy like Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji who can do anything is obnoxious, but a deadpan short guy is pretty funny, and also pretty cool.

 Guys who look strong and stoic but are huge softies on the inside are one of my personal favourite character tropes, so I like Kai a lot. My only issue with him is that I really don’t like his vocal performance at all, because it just doesn’t sound convincing. He talks like someone who was raised in the woods by wolves and is now learning spoken language. He speaks in such a way that you can actually hear the ‘…’ between his words. But he’s a prince, who, unless there’s some weird spoilers coming up, was raised in a palace. I don’t have any issue with any of the other voice acting in this show, but something about Kai’s acting just feels hammy. (Addendum: I just looked up the voice actors for this show, and nearly everyone is brand new. Kai is actually Asato Yuuya’s first ever anime role so I guess I can’t be too hard on him, but it’s also Ueda Keisuke’s first as Heine and Hirose Daisuke’s second as Leonhard which I wouldn’t have guessed).

 The show is still pleasant enough on the eyes, but I’m still not really feeling the chibi parts which continue to feel forced.  It really seems to want to sell that as a huge part of it though, given that the ending theme is almost entirely in that style. I’ll probably get used to it eventually.

Licht what the fuck
I could have gotten a more serious picture of Kai but whatever.

Out of 5,

Episode 3

I’m sure this is gonna get a lot of usage as a reaction pic.

Now that Heine has managed to assess all the princes, he has them gather so he can give them back their test scores. To no one’s surprise, Bruno has scored the highest, to some surprise Kai is the second highest. Licht has done acceptably, but Leonhard not only came last, he also didn’t get a single question right and the one point he did manage was for writing his name on the sheet.

As Leo still isn’t entirely happy with Heine and still harbours a massive dislike for tutors, he throws another massive tantrum and runs away on his horse. The brothers reminisce about how Leo has been traumatized by a past tutor’s abusive behavior to him as a child, and Heine gives chase.

 He manages to catch Prince of Tantrums a few hours from the palace (even though he has to tackle him off the horse to do so). He manages to explain to him that he has no intention of punishing him for being wrong, only to teach him how to do the things he can’t as a good tutor ought to, and after their brief moment of bonding Leonhardt manages to accept him. Unfortunately their horses have run off and they are forced to try to camp in the woods until a rescue party finds them.

‘moeronpan you cant just make every other cap in this be Leo making his cuteass blushing faces’ ‘yeah but what if i did’
why kinda heartless asshole could be mean to babyLeo

Good news, Leonhard is still best boy and still has all the best faces. I actually kinda missed him in episode 2, but I didn’t expect another episode mostly about him so soon. And not only was he super duper cute in it, but it managed to give him a little more depth than he showed in episode 1.

It was easy enough to dismiss him running away from all his previous tutors as him being a spoilt little shit, but this episode reveals he did have a reason for it. To be honest I wouldn’t have cared if he didn’t because him being that level of spoilt was kinda funny to me, but knowing now how traumatized he was as a kid gives him a little more depth as well as strikes a personal chord with me. I was once a child with a learning disorder, and while most of my teachers were good about it, there was just one who was an awful person and acted a hell of a lot like the man in the flashback with Tiny-Leo who acted like him not understanding problems was due to him being too stupid, and something to get angry about. (Well, without the whip, but still). It’s the kind of thing that really screws you up even in adulthood, and honestly if I was prince with access to a horse back then I would have run off on it to escape that class as well.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing what Heine can do for these boys, although it really seems to be like Leo has the most potential for growth. Too bad Licht still hasn’t grown on me and I’m actually wondering if he ever will, but oh well. Episode 4 looks like it’ll be fun.

I actually laughed out loud at how dramatic and ridiculous this lunge was.
-clenches fist- that’s the stuff

Out of 5,