Alice & Zouroku Episode 4

There are massive SPOILERS in this review!

Get ready for some massive plot reveals.


As Naito and his gang continue to attempt a rescue of Sana, Naito reveals to Zouroku and Sanae just what’s going on. His faction is the part of the government that wanted to see if Sana (an initially non-human magical entity) could co-exist with humans.

Minnie: still the most despicable person in this entire show.

Meanwhile, Minnie continues to physically and emotionally torture Sana. In a moment of desperation, Sana manages to see a vision of an older lady making a bouquet of flowers. The lady tells Sana to call out the name of the one she wants to see most; and this gives her the needed push to summon Zouroku to her location. This also allows Naito’s people to locate Sana’s location; and secret agent Yamada quickly makes her way to the place.

Oho, who’s this?

Obviously, Minnie does not take Zouroku’s sudden appearance lightly, and shoots Sana in the leg and nearly shoots Zouroku in the head for Sana’s “disobedience.” Afraid of Minnie harming Zouroku further, Sana manages to use the last of her energy to heal herself and free herself from Minnie’s bonds in the process.

Sana and Zouroku were just great in this entire episode.

Sana agrees to go with Minnie back to the facility, because she’s thoroughly convinced now that she’s just a monster. But Zouroku essentially says that it doesn’t matter to him what she is, and says they should both go home together. At this moment, Yamada finally catches up to them all; restraining Minnie with her powers.

My Opinion:

This episode was really packed full of plot. I had already guessed that Sana wasn’t actually human, but I did not expect it to be confirmed so soon. In a way, it’s kind of a nice that a series doesn’t beat around the bush with this kind of stuff; since this sort of reveal would usually be saved for the end-game episodes. To be honest, this whole “arc” feels more like an end-of-series thing rather than something that’s taking place right at the beginning. I do wonder how Alice & Zouroku will handle the story after this story arc is finally resolved next episode, and I’m excited to find out what it does.

Alright, getting back to episode 4. This episode was honestly a bit hard to watch. Sana acts pretty realistically like a kid who is emotionally distressed; meaning that she cries and even wets herself. Thankfully the wetting herself thing wasn’t played up as fanservice or anything; it was seriously heart-wrenching to watch. It gets way, way worse when Minnie shoots Sana in the leg. First of all, she’s a freaking kid Minnie you absolute monster. Second of all, isn’t shooting someone in the leg the cruelest thing you can do? Shooting someone in the leg basically incapacitates a person (they can’t walk/run) so unless you medically treat them soon after the injury they basically bleed out and die. So yeah; fuck you Minnie. This is why your “tragic” backstory didn’t stick. Nevermind the fact that past trauma doesn’t give you the excuse to act like a terrible person in the present.

Anyway, before Sana manages to summon Zouroku, she sees some kind of older woman. I think it’s fairly obvious that the woman is Sana in the future. They’ve got the same hair and eye color, and also the lady is a florist. Does this mean that Sana grows up to be a florist? It’s the most likely answer at this point, but who knows. That scene could be a vision of the future or it could be a vision of an alternate reality. I really hope it’s the former as Sana’s suffered enough as it is (I just want her to have a happy ending). I doubt that we’ll get the answer to this question in Alice & Zouroku‘s 12-episode run; but that just makes me hopeful for a season 2.

We also get some scenes of Zouroku bonding a bit more with his grand-daughter, Sanae. And Naito, as skeevy as he first appears, isn’t actually that bad of a person. The next episode’s title kind of spoils how things will go, but I’m still eagerly awaiting the next episode.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Here comes the cavalry.

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