Boku no Hero Academia – 17

Hi all! I’m going to Japan for a couple of weeks to visit Moe, so the next couple of reviews will be delayed 😉 In the meantime, enjoy this one!

Dats gonna give ghilbi tears a run for their money 😛

Okay so I’m an anxious wreck right now, so my review on this ep is probably gonna be on the short side, but I wanted to get it out before my trip tomorrow. 😛

It seems like all of the episodes so far are gonna include some kind of intro of sorts, so that’s neat I guess, but I’m kinda tired of them tbh. I don’t like the idea of spending 3 minutes with an intro, the intro song, and then a recap. It’s like, please get onto the ep yes? But when the ep begins, we get an in introduction into the next conpetition, of which Izuku has a massive disadvantage in. They have 15 minutes to build a team, and of course, quite a few people are avoiding Izuku like the plague, including Iida, who I would’ve thought would tbe a surefire helper in the team, but no matter. The team that he ends up assembling is the ever reliable Uraraka (god bless her sweet soul), and a surprising entry from the B class, who looks like a steampunk nerd, joins the team, along with shadow bird man, who is honestly awesome.

Go bird man!

I’m impressed with this team choice, and honestly, I’m looking forward to how Izuku will fare given  that he has a massive prize on his head, but all we can do at this point is that he continues through to the next challenge!

Go go go!

I hope that bird man can save the day.

Anyway, I really need to go do some last minute things, but I hope everyone who is watching this series enjoys it, because I sure am!

Out of 5,

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