Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine Episode 4

Since I am also on holiday with Skins (hence this review being late), eps 5 and 6 will be a batch review.

lets get ready for WIENER TOWN

Heine has his first practical lesson for the princes – a field trip into the town capital, Wiener (-snicker-). The boys go incognito so that no one in Wiener Town recognizes them, believing it to be dangerous. Apparently, none of them have actually been to Wienerville before, so there are a number of things for them to learn concerning how to shop and how to eat street food. A wienery time is had by all.

The lesson that Heine wishes the boys to learn is how wonderful and happy Wienerapolis is, as it’s apparently only been that way in in recent years due to efforts of their father (who, for the record, has yet to appear in the show, but looks scarcely older than his sons for some reason.) The boys also work together to plan a surprise welcome party for Heine, together with presents from their shopping trip. from the town called Wiener.

alright so maybe the chibi parts are growing on me.
p u t  i t  b a c k
Heine’s wiener eating class will now commence.

You know, I really am enjoying this show a lot, and a good deal more than I ever expected to from the First Impression. It’s just fun, and these stupid moe princes have got me hooked. I wish I could explain why exactly I like it so much, but suffice to say, today I went out and bought the first 2 volumes of the manga, which I don’t tend to do a lot these days. Not only that, but volume 1 was sold out in just about every major bookstore I went to, because apparently everyone else decided to do the same thing. It seems to be doing quite well popularity-wise.

Anyway, as I predicted this episode did end up a lot of fun. While most of the humour came from the princes being clueless about everything, I actually thought the funniest part was how it implied that Leo would get to star in a stereotypical race to catch a thief, only to have Kai catch the thief off-screen while he was busy showing off in his preparation to start running. I said earlier that a lot of the humour and punchlines in the show were kinda samey, so I was happy for it to not do what I expected it to there. (plus it got Leo embarrassed and every time he makes an embarrassed face I feel like an extra year gets added to my lifespan)

There are also two hints at something more serious that will surely be touched on later. First of all, Heine mentions that Wiener (I’m gonna laugh every time I type that, I’m sorry) didn’t used to be as peaceful and happy as it is now. He doesn’t elaborate on it much, but it could end up having something to do with the other vague serious hint about Heine seemingly feeling guilty about something at the end of the episode. I’m very curious about that, but I’m also curious about the boys’ father (ie the king), who still hasn’t shown himself but is presumably alive.

seeing Heine apparently be emotionally moved by his welcome party was kinda nice. He actually is capable of emoting, even if he still looks deadpan.
seriously leo we gotta talk about your taste in ‘cute dolls’

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