Alice & Zouroku Episode 5

Massive SPOILERS in this review.



Ichijo busts in on the scene to rescue Sana and Zouroku, but Minnie C isn’t letting her targets get away without a fight. Cue a massive battle between the two Dream of Alice users. Unfortunately for Minnie, Ichijo has the upper hand and soundly defeats Minnie; after which the former second lieutenant is arrested.

Okay, I finally do feel a bit sorry for Minnie here.

Meanwhile, Zouroku and Sana have a moment; where Sana admits that she wants to learn more about being a human. Zouroku formally accepts Sana as his “second grand-daughter” and the two finally get to go home. While this is going on, the people who were experimenting on Sana appear to be arrested by Naito’s people; and the facility that originally housed Sana has been dismantled.


And thus Sana seems to be able to finally live a peaceful life.

This scene added years to my life.

My Opinion:

Oh man, this episode was awesome. The fight between Ichijo and Minnie was great. We do get confirmation in this episode that Ichijo was the one who rescued Sana initially, which was nice (even if it was fairly obvious). Surprisingly, we also get some insight into how Ichijo developed her powers. She got it from… falling asleep as some kind of magical maid anime was playing. Which sounds silly but is also rather neat at the same time (imo).

Anyway, Minnie gets flown back to the U.S. as she is a U.S. citizen, and will probably be handled/detained/put on trial in her home country. Her magic crystal is shown shattering at the end of the fight between her and Ichijo, so I wonder if she’s lost her powers for good or if it was just her temporarily running out of energy. The last scene featuring Minnie¬†seems to have shown her getting some closure over the death of her husband, but it’s still ambiguous as far as her powers are concerned.

MORE IMPORTANTLY we finally get to see Sana happy and it is precious. The second half of the episode was extremely heartwarming and a much needed break from the drama of the past two episodes. Some people said that the pacing of this episode was “too fast” but I personally thought it was okay. Probably a bit more of a rushed pace than the previous episodes preceding it, but it seemed like the episode managed to get in all the details it needed.

Oh yeah, there was some more product placement in this episode in the form of a Snickers bar. At this point, I’m willing to just ignore things like that. At least the characters aren’t breaking character, nor are they destroying the atmosphere of the scene to proclaim their love of the brand name product. The food products usually have a purpose in the show. So whatever.

Now that this arc is officially over, I do wonder what will happen in the remaining seven episodes of this series. Many people were saying this episode felt like the series’ end–and I do agree with that. Fortunately, there are still many questions that need to be answered, such as Sana’s origins. Although the director and the facility that housed Sana has been captured by¬†Naito’s crew, I doubt they’re going to be out of commission for too long. With so many episodes left, there’ll probably be a new threat facing Sana soon. Let’s just hope that we get at least an episode or two of happy, slice-of-life stuff before that happens.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


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