There was no review last week because it was just a recap episode. We thankfully get a new episode this week!

Don’t mess with old man Zorouku.


In this episode, we get a glimpse at Sana’s new “normal” life. She’s currently living happily with Zouroku and Sanae, although has some slight trouble adapting to this mundane life. Sana is still far too heavily reliant on her powers, which Zouroku disapproves of.

I really need to try getting better shots of Zouroku’s flower shop.

We see Sana learn a bit more about human concepts in this episode. As she helps out with Zouroku’s floral business, she finds out (sorta) about engagements and marriage.


Because Sana keeps tripping over her hair, Zouroku takes Sana to get a haircut. While she gets her hair cut, Zouroku meets with Naito to discuss some matters. When Zouroku goes back to the hair salon, he finds out that Sana had wandered off on her own. Worried, he goes out looking for her. The two are eventually reunited after Sana is picked up by the police as a lost child. Surprisingly, Zouroku isn’t too angry at Sana and they both go home.

TBH I love having bob cuts myself. Less hair to have to maintain, haha.

That night, Zouroku calls a meeting in the household, and reveals that he’s adopting Sana. Sana is overjoyed, as she finally has a last name; and more importantly, a family.

My Opinion:

This was a fairly nice breather episode after all the action and drama of episodes 3 to 5. I’m glad we were able to get a glimpse of Sana adapting to normal human life before the next big plot point dropped. She seems a lot happier and more vibrant now that she’s out of the research facility. She’s currently just helping out a bit with Zouroku’s floral business, but Zouroku seems to have plans for her to go to school soon. We’ll probably see that in the next episode.

In this episode, we see Zouroku working as a florist for the gang leader’s engagement party. Yes, this is the same guy from episode 1. I’m not sure if Mr. Gang Leader has any real bearing on the plot or if this was just a cameo. We do get a glimpse at the person he’s intending to marry and… it is what looks like a high school girl. Other than the scenario being somewhat disturbing (why the hell is this dude marrying a teenager), I do have to wonder if this girl will play a vital role in the series’ story later on. If she’s not going to be a story-important character, why bother having her appear at all?

In this episode, Sana also gets a haircut. I knew that this was coming since the later manga covers show her with a bob cut, but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. I’ll kind of miss her twintails, but Sana still looks pretty cute with her hair like that. Besides, cutting one’s hair is a pretty significant deal in Japanese culture. Sana’s basically leaving behind her horrible past and moving on towards a better future. I just wonder if this haircut will be reflected in the OP next episode? That’d be pretty neat.

I didn’t mention it in the summary above, but Zouroku does clarify to Sana about the whole “don’t use your powers” thing. It’s not that he wants Sana to abandon her powers completely, but rather to use it more wisely. This is some really nice character development from Zouroku, who was initially strongly against Sana using her magical powers at all. That said, Sana is also continuing to get character development. She’s still pretty cheeky, but is at least becoming a much less haughty person.

So overall, I found this to be a lovely episode. Admittedly I do find the two other floral shop workers kind of pointless (they’re just… there) but I suppose they are needed characters because it’d be unrealistic for Zouroku to run a flower shop all on his own. Anyway, not a major gripe.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

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