excuse me was this man like 5 years old when he started having kids wtf

The King of Glanzreich, also known as Viktor van Glanzreich and the father of the princes, has finally returned after being absent half a year. While the boys are initially a little tense about it, Viktor is soon revealed to be a doting father to an almost embarrassing extent. However, he still has a strict side, and it is quickly revealed when he finds out about Leonhard’s dismal test scores. He declares that if Leo cannot get at least 60 points on the next test, he will lose his claim to the throne.

Everyone is obviously very concerned about this, because Leo is not very smart at all. However, it’s only until now that everyone realizes exactly how comically dumb he is, being unable to even answer simple arithmetic like 1+1….which is apparently a result of him refusing to study all his life. Attempts are made to help him learn which mostly end up backfiring – for example while Bruno tries to tutor him under the impression that Leo liking him better than Heine will make it easier to learn, Leo is too busy marvelling at Bruno to learn anything at all. Heine eventually rises to the challenge though manages to help him learn by using things he enjoys as examples, such as cake.

It’s also revealed that Viktor and Heine already knew each other, and apparently quite well, and that Heine is concealing a huge secret from both the princes and the audience.

almost an entire episode of Leo making cute faces, what a wonderful gift

Leo seems to treat Bruno almost the same way Bruno treats Heine.

Another episode almost entirely about Leo, it’s like it’s my birthday. To be honest I do have mixed feelings about this, because I thought the episode was going to be about Viktor. Since it actually isn’t, Viktor’s part in it feels weirdly cut short and by the time he appears again in the next episode there’s this weird sense that I should already know him really well. However, seeing as he didn’t do that much in the episode he was introduced in…I don’t. I gotta admit I still don’t entirely ‘get’ him. Is he doting and overbearing? Is he strict? He’s not really either, and the show kind of implies he has these sides and then doesn’t really demonstrate it very well, because it barely gave him any screen time in the episode. I’m very interested in he and Heine’s past, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to come up again too soon, so I have to put up  with Viktor making “i know something you don’t know” faces at the audience. Whatever it is, it’s big enough that it’s implied Heine may have to resign if it gets found out.

As for what the episode was about, I’d say you can’t go wrong with Leo being an adorable idiot, but you actually can if there’s a noticeable drop in animation quality and weirdly inconsistent voice acting, which is unfortunately what happened here. It’s a good thing the content managed to be entertaining enough to make up for that, as I’d rather they save the animation budget for more important things than “wow Leo is an idiot”, but I never found any of the animation noticeably bad in the first 4 episodes the way it was here. It gave the whole thing a ‘filler episode’ feel, even though that’s not how it came across in the manga.

But it was nice to finally get some idea of the kind of teaching methods Heine has, because he hadn’t really shown them yet. As someone who has worked as a teacher in the past and knows all about having to connect ‘trouble’ students interests to the work to show them they understand more than they realize, I could relate. Also I feel like cake.

d’aaw kai


Out of 5,


Episode 6

the same show that tries to convince me this is a 14-year-old is  trying to convince me that Viktor is older than 20.

On one of his routine visits to Wienerville, Heine stops in at a cafe where he is very surprised to discover Licht working in disguise. After observing him for a while, he realizes Licht is very popular at work amongst both customers and staff, and enjoys his job a lot.

However, a mystery man ends up tipping off Viktor about it, who immediately objects on the grounds that Licht spending so much time outside the palace is highly dangerous. This mystery man is Count Rosenberg, although it’s another mystery how he knew Licht was at the cafe to begin with. Licht is at first very defensive and angry about his father finding out about it – especially because he always considered himself to be the least popular son with him. Apparently Viktor never had a lot of time for him when he was growing up due to how busy he was.

And yet, in an attempt to try to connect with his son and understand him a little more, Viktor tries working at the cafe alongside him for a day. He eventually decides that Licht can be trusted with it, as long as it’s on the days that Heine is there as well. Meanwhile, more foreshadowing!

who’s this fucko (its rosenberg)

Licht should wear glasses more often.

Well finally – Licht got some character development and actual depth. He’s still my least favourite of the four, but he annoyed me a lot less than usual in this episode and was actually kind of charming. I was also surprised to see that he’s proven himself to be the one the most capable of understanding/empathizing with the ”commoners”. For a while I even expected he had some kind of ulterior motive for working in the cafe, but he…genuinely just enjoys mixing with the townspeople and doing actual work. Even though he’s the youngest prince, he’s potentially the most mature in that regard.

Unfortunately, I still don’t really ‘get’ Viktor and hope that that’s going to change. I can at least understand that he genuinely cares about his sons despite what they think, but he’s just kind of…pleasantly dull? I can never really be sure if his actions are intended to be funny or endearing or what exactly. Again, the most interesting thing about him is his relationship with Heine, which is still secret (although Heine reveals in this episode that Viktor was the first person he was able to trust.)

Speaking of secrets, there’s also the new character Rosenberg, who seems like a real git. At the end of the episode he monologues about wishing that the scandal of Licht working in a cafe would somehow ruin his chances at succession, which implies that Rosenberg is aiming to sabotage the princes for reasons unknown. I assume he’s going to be the closest thing this series will have to a villain, which kind of surprised me as I didn’t really expect anything like that starting out. I’m a lot more curious to see what else he does.

Heine what the hell is this face, it’s cute.

I ask again, how does Viktor look barely older than his sons.

Out of 5,