There are SPOILERS.

Those cat-paw hairclips are too adorable.


In this episode, we get a glimpse at Sana’s studies. She continues to be taught by Ichijo, who gives her a basic education (math, language, etc.) and also teaches Sana more about the human world. Sana is apparently a genius when it comes to math, but struggles with reading and writing, as Sana claims those things are more abstract and therefore harder to understand. Sana also seems to be struggling with understanding her emotions.

Never seen that kind of crystal structure before…

During a trip in another city (due to Zouroku’s business), Sana bumps into the Hinagiri twins. A magical chase then ensues. Sana’s powers, while still fairly strong, have started getting more “errors” lately; activating without Sana’s control. Sana’s own powers nearly crush her, after suddenly materializing a giant piece of solid carbon above her. Fortunately for everyone involved, Ichijo is around to save the day. She uses her powers to cover up the incidents and to punish Sana and the twins for recklessly using their powers in public.

Ichijo does not pull any punches when it comes to punishing kids.

After things have calmed down a bit, Sana is able to have a quiet moment with the twins. Ichijo tells Zouroku about the twins’ tragic past. Meanwhile, Asahi and Yonaga both tell Sana about their life after the facility was shut down by Naito’s crew. They are apparently going to some kind of boarding school now, and seem to be living happier and more normal lives. They both apologizes for their behavior towards Sana in the past, and Sana happily forgives them.

Although Yonaga is the “meeker” of the twins, she’s apparently the one that actually killed their dad…

Later that night, Sana admits to Sanae that she’s been feeling “frazzled” lately. Sanae helps Sana to work out her feelings. Thanks to Sanae’s laptop, Sana is able to stay in contact with the Hinagiri twins, who she still considers to be close friends.

My Opinion:

We continue the trend of character development for Sana in this episode. Thanks to Ichijo’s help, Sana is slowly learning more about the world. I like that we got to see exactly what/how Ichijo was schooling Sana. Also notable is that Sana is super good at math (she’s apparently close to finishing high school level math), but is bad at language and more abstract topics.

Sana also seems to be having trouble processing her emotions. She seems to know the basic emotions well enough (happiness, sadness, anger, and fear); but she’s struggling to comprehend more complex emotions. Having lived most of her early life in the extremely restrictive facility, she probably never got to experience these sorts of emotions. Even more worrying, however; is Sana’s sudden power incontinence. I wonder if this is tied to her feeling “frazzled”? Although Ichijo was around to save Sana this time, Ichijo can’t always be around whenever Sana’s power incontinence strikes. And that’s a frightening thought.

Surprisingly, we get to see and learn more about the twins in this episode. I’m glad that the twins did get some closure after the facility was shut down. Naito and his crew have apparently taken good care of ALL the kids involved at research facility. The twins are apparently receiving good schooling, homes, and what appears to be an allowance of some sort. I was not expecting the twins’ backstory to be explored. I knew it wouldn’t be happy, since the twins did end up at the facility with no mention of their parents. But the whole sequence felt a little too rushed to leave an impact on me. Their father was abusive (and there’s no mention of their mom at all). It’s basically outright shown that the twins killed their dad in defense. This really raises more questions than it answers, but I’m glad we at least got to see what led to the twins becoming subjects at the research facility.

Overall, this was a decent episode. I’m loving that the series is taking the time to really show Sana’s character development. My main criticism of this particular “arc” so far is about Zouroku’s work. We again see Zouroku’s clients in this episode, and it’s a couple. The man is shown to be somewhat distant towards his partner. So… what’s the point of all this? What was the point of the gangster and the teenage girl last episode? Why are we getting hints at all of this possible drama from Zouroku’s clients? Is anything even going to come out of this? If not… then why the heck are we seeing all of this at all? I get that Zouroku is a florist, but is it really necessary to show off all of these extremely minor one-shot characters? At least the gangster’s fiance interacted with Sana last episode, which led to Sana understanding a bit more about the construct of “family”. But here the couple contributes absolutely nothing the plot, and is actually rather distracting to the episode as a whole. At least these scenes don’t take up too much of the episode’s running time, but I hope Zouroku’s future interactions with his clients aren’t always so pointless.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Although the twins were initially antagonists, they really did deserve a happy ending.